Another Boring Diatribe on the Conservative Crisis By James Reed

     The Australian, which I can now only afford to buy on the weekend (March 10-11, 2018), had a number of articles dealing with the conservative crisis. Who are the conservatives that this paper loves so much? John Howard is one, who is still campaigning that there should be “no alteration or weakening” of Australia’s gun laws. The concern is that pump action shotguns and semi auto rifles may be used under special circumstances in rural operations. Wow, what a cucked low T society Australia is.

     It is impossible to believe that the ANZACs came from such an emasculated place. It does not take long to destroy a civilisation, and maybe it will not take too long to destroy the regime that “con-servativism” has produced. Australian conservatives are generally mass immigration, pro-globalism and one cycle in political correctness behind the Left. I hope that it dies, soon. It is an interesting question : who is the most dangerous, con-servatives, as defined, or the all-out Left?

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