Andrew Bolt On the End of “Us” By James Reed

     Great hard-hitting journalism from Andrew Bolt on a topic that one of us usually covers each day; the changing demographics of the West, including Australian. Soon there will be “no us left,” and it will be tribalism or the way down:

“There is no “us” any more - or soon won’t be. Judith Sloan:
In 1996, there were 119,000 China-born residents living in Australia — 20 years later, it was 526,000... In 1996, there were 80,000 India-born people living in Australia. In 2016, the number was 469,000. Add the Left’s destruction of national symbols and its pushing of identity politics, and Australia is turning from a home into a hotel. It is true that the Chinese and Indian disaporas actually enrich us in many ways, and both have lower imprisonment rates than the rest of the community. Chinese names dominate the lists of high achievers in many university courses in accounting, maths, science and medicine.

Given that, immigration from these sources would be preferable to many others. The difficulty now is that assimilation can no longer be assumed as it once was. Check the crowd at the MCG when Australia plays India at cricket. Who are most of the many Indians there barracking for? It’s not just a question of loyalty. Our various tribes are now more likely to live apart from each other and to not even speak the same language. Check the new Chinese suburbs such as Melbourne’s Box Hill, where an astonishing two thirds of residents were born in China or have Chinese ancestry.”

     Immigration has crashed upon us  in such vast waves, that there is no longer any meaning of “assimilation” as there is little left to assimilate to:

“There is no “us” any more, as a tidal wave of immigrants sweeps away what’s left of our national identity. Another 240,000 foreigners joined us last year alone, not just crowding our cities but changing our culture. For instance, in 1996, there were 119,000 Chinese-born people living here. Now, there are 526,000. In 1996, there were 80,000 Indian-born people living here. Now, there are 469,000. Once we might have assumed that such migrants — just like my own parents — would assimilate into the wider “us”. We’d still be able to recognise Australia and talk about what “we” wanted and believed. But something has changed and no longer can we assume Australians share anything but territory. Immigration is becoming colonisation, turning this country from a home into a hotel. We are clustering into tribes that live apart from each other and often do not even speak the same language in the street. Check the new Chinese suburbs such as Melbourne’s Box Hill, where an astonishing two-thirds of residents were born in China or have Chinese ancestry.”

     Even if race is “not your thing,” the changing demographics will mean that Australia will become a Republic, with the constitutional monarchy being dumped (one of the Left/globalist agenda with immigration anyway), and any attempt at financial reform via social credit will become impossible, as open borders will mean the end of the nation state and democracy. It is game over, forever, as the world as we have known it ends.

     The UN immigration pact will simply speed up this ethno-racial displacement, reducing Australia to a non-White country, probably in about 20 years or so, depending upon the numbers. The predictions about the changing demographics in Britain, the US and Europe, give a rough timeline of about 20 more years, although Whites are already a minority in most of the younger demographics in many Western countries. Most likely open borders immigration may finish Australia off in record time, producing a failed state, something we are seeing in places like France, Sweden and London. But, this is what the chattering class want, and in their accursed writings, they have been yearning for oblivion (our oblivion, we, the “deplorables”), while, of course keeping their comfortable lecturing jobs, and  oozing their poison upon the minds of our young. They want to throw civilisation to the winds. But, they may in turn reap a whirlwind: Hosea 8:7.



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Saturday, 27 November 2021
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