Andrew Bolt on the Climate Change Fanatical Cult By James Reed

     The difference between me and Andrew Bolt, is that Andrew is a real journalist, while I am just a rank amateur, even though I have been writing for what, a century? No, not that long; maybe five years, perhaps 10, I don’t remember. Anyway, here are some great articles on the madness around the climate strike, involving the institutions I have a fanatical hatred for myself, the universities:

     Full marks on an assignment if one attended the climate strike? I mean to say, is that even legal? Then, the protest signs by students had spelling errors, indicating that the little darlings really cannot afford the time away from their studies:

     And of course, there will be no tolerance of anyone engaging in the heretical practice of questioning the “climate consensus,” as if the scientific pursuit of truth has anything to do with consensus. That is politics:

     This groupthink mentality is seen most clearly in the universities on the climate change issue, but is is present with most issues of concern to us, such as race, immigration and finance. What economics department even mentions the theories of C. H. Douglas? Yet, every day, the same old neoclassical model, with rational economic man as a utility maximiser is taught to students, despite having been being refuted thousands of times over. Economics may be dead, but it lives on in an eternal zombie-like existence:

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Friday, 21 February 2020
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