An Antidote for the Pope? By Peter West

     Forgive me, but as a lapsed Catholic, I reserve the right to be harsh on the ever politically correct Pope, as I do not go to mass in protest of this person.

“Pope Francis has further dug in his heels as the anti-populist pope, writing in the forward to a new book that organized citizens in action are the “antidote to populism.” In his forward to The Eruption of Popular Movements: The Rerum Novarum of Our Time, the pope waxes poetic, praising so-called “popular movements” as “a great social alternative, a profound cry, a sign of contradiction, a hope that ‘everything can change.’” Populism, on the other hand, the pontiff likens to “show-politics,” adding that in today’s political climate “fear is the means of manipulation of civilizations, the creative agent of xenophobias and racism, a terror sown in the peripheries of the world.” Francis has never attempted to conceal his scorn for populist parties, insisting the new populist wave is born of “egotism.” On that occasion, he also referred to an “antidote” to populism, speaking of solidarity, however, rather than popular movements. Solidarity is “the most effective antidote to modern forms of populism,” Pope Francis told European heads of state in March 2017.”

     The man is simply a tool of the globalists, and the tragedy is that he does not have to be. It is too much to think that a man in a flowing white robe could oppose globalism, but at least he could be silent. Instead, he is like a born-again preacher from southern America, or a frantic child clamouring for attention.  His philosophies and policies must be opposed by all Catholics wanting to preserve Western civilisation. I hope someday you will join me, and the world will Not be one, as John Lemon did not sing.



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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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