An Anti-Tank Weapon? Ban that! By John Steele

     Here is one for the libtards jumping up and down about you and me having guns; how about the ferals  having anti-tank weapons?

“One person has been arrested after an anti-tank weapon was fired at an office block in Amsterdam’s Sloterdijk business district on Thursday night. Eyewitnesses report hearing an enormous bang but no-one was injured and one window in the building was broken by the missile. The launcher was found in the vicinity and removed for forensic tests. Police say they have no idea why this particular building was targeted but that the suspect had cut through surveillance cameras before launching the missile. According to the Telegraaf, the office block, ONE20, is a multi-tenant building. One company based there is Pijper Media, which publishes magazines like Panorama, Nieuwe Revu, Playboy and Marie Claire.”

     It appears that some type of “biker” was responsible for the attack. Outlaw motor cycle gangs exist on the periphery of society, controlling aspects of drugs and prostitution, and other crimes. When things break down  further, these gangs will be the foundations of a war lord culture that will rise to rule the decaying streets. New Zealand comes to mind as one place where such gangs will be a great problem:

     Don’t think for a moment that this problem does not exist in Australia:



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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