America vs China: America Loses By Peter West

     Here is a report by Alfred McCoy detailing how a war between the US and China may go:

     Do you want to hear about how China is surpassing everybody in every thing? Well, you have come to the right place. The short of the long is that China wins. Oh, let’s not talk about the likelihood of a China economic crash caused by its financial bubble bursting, and the same for the US and the rest of the world, because McCoy does not:

     Chinese debt looks like taking everybody down, including Australia, and don’t we deserve to be smacked in the chops for our slavish pursuit of globalism and Asianisation?

     OK, what should we Australians do? I think we are well prepared to be either slaves, or passively accept dispossession, because that is our track record to date. After all, the warnings have been made to the white lab rats for some time now, and instead of resisting, we have seen only a faster move to embracing globalism. If, on the other hand it all goes to pieces, then it is time for the social credit ambulance to enter the field and begin emergency war surgery.

     Did the dinosaurs have thinkers, who could see, Cassandra-like, that the end was nigh, who tried to tell fellow dinos of the threats to come, only to be met with flatulence?

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