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America just Explodes … Australia Next? The World? The Universe? The Multiverse? By Chris Knight

     It is hard to keep track of all the demons running wild in America, with disintegration and decay now taking on cosmic, if not metaphysical dimensions. Physically, much of the place is likely to be destroyed by Hurricane Florence. According to Charles Taylor, our US correspondent, whom I spoke to today from his bug out nuclear bunker, people have been told to evacuate, and if they stay they are on their own because there will be no support coming. Charles, being a harden Christian survivalist, has hunkered down with his family and a sack of Bibles, and AR 15 rifles. God be with them. As dangerous as nature is, the unnatural progressives, or as I call them, degenerates, as far more dangerous, having intergenerational destructive power, with no easy mop up. Thus, at the link below Mike Adams attempts to sum it all up, every crazy thing the Left are up to, the Deep State moving to impeach Trump, and rumours of a Trump assassination, presumably as a plan B:

     I do not think that this is paranoid, since recent revelations have shown Google’s clear prejudice against Trump at least at the time of the election:

     As well, the mainstream media is in over-drive pumping out hate rhetoric against the deplorables (i.e. people like us)

“Hours after the far-left Washington Post published Joe Scarborough’s September 11 op-ed claiming Trump is a bigger danger to America than the 9/11 terrorists, a mass shooting threat was made against a group of Trump supporters meeting at the president’s hotel in Washington DC. Overall in the media, most especially at CNN, a coordinated narrative based on nothing but palace intrigue and gossip has been deployed to smear Trump as mentally unstable, reckless, and in need of removal from office — via the 25th Amendment, if necessary. Although no one is alleging any kind of wrongdoing on the president’s part, and while Trump’s domestic and foreign policy have put the country in the best shape it has been in in nearly 20 years, the media are using Bob Woodward’s anonymously sourced book and an anonymous New York Times op-ed to scare and divide American into believing an objectively successful president is a madman.

To hype his latest book, Fear: Trump in the White House, Woodward said on the Today Show this week that Trump “jeopardizes” our economy and national security. Woodward, however, did not and was not asked to explain how this could be true when the country is doing so well. CNN constantly attacks Trump with hate rhetoric, smearing him as  “delusional,” as not mentally or psychologically “fit” to be president. Like  Woodward and the Times op-ed, this is all being fed to the media anonymously. But over the past week or so, as the economic news has gotten better and the Russia Collusion Hoax has collapsed, the desperate hate-rhetoric from the media has escalated. These attacks have also extended to the Republican House for “not doing anything” to save our country from the madman Trump. Disgraced Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein stated on CNN that he believes our country needs to be “saved” from Trump.”

     And, they have not even got started yet. This is some indication of what any movement of reform will face, especially financial when push comes to shove. The entire Trump adventure is an exposition of the terrible tyrannical forces that control our fates. I note that there is also a controversial video, “globalism’s Real Agenda: the Extermination of the Human Race to Prep Planet for “Not Us”” at

     This  takes conspiracies to a whole new level, a cosmic false flag scale. Basically, Mike Adams puts all of the pieces together that we all report on and asks: why? If you wanted to preserve humanity, no one would allow the toxins in the food supply, and so on. He hints that there could be some alien, maybe demonic power, behind this. As a Christian, I am open to this idea, namely that the global elites are demonically possessed, if not actual demons. But I have no proof, this is merely one hypothesis to explain their evil. An alternative explanation is that the power elites are simply psychopaths, and have a death wish, and are working this through now. That is, that they are nihilists who want it all to end. Which ever explanation is accepted we clearly are in hot water, which is going to approach boiling point.



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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