America has Died By Chris Knight

While we disagree with Brett Stevens about Trump, we seeing him as a Deep State Swamp creature, not a flawed hero, Stevens is right that America has died. It is a dark time for the West now:

“When informing someone of a death in the family, you must rip the band-aid off and say it quickly. No beating around the bush; simply say that the person is no longer living and then retreat as quickly as possible.

In that spirit, it must be said: America has died. It can no longer be described as a credible nation. When election counts mysteriously stop, then reverse after a 3:00 AM vote dump and no one will talk about it, your democracy is over.

When the Capitol police mysteriously allow rioters into the building just so that one candidate can be demonized, and censorship is the norm in social media while conventional media repeats a narrative in the same terms everywhere, you no longer exist in a “democracy” but a democracy run by a shadow coup.

The silk glove occupation of America began when unions took over American labor in the 1970s. This effectively trashed American cars and other manufacturing, so following the lead of Lee Iacocca, business began to pursue partial outsourcing: they made individual prefabricated components abroad, then bolted them together here.

Eventually this led to full-on outsourcing. Why pay for the burden of unions, entitlements, lawsuits, environmental laws, and taxes here, when you can pay a lot less overseas and reduce your business to a handful of suits talking on the phone and posting to Facebook?

This “service economy” ate America because it made our industry dependent on China. Trump saw this and would have liberated us, but that scared Wall Street, since they make a lot of their money on re-financializing existing debts and instruments, and the type of production-oriented economy that Trump wanted has no need for such things.

In addition, Chinese and other foreign agents swept into the land, buying up properties, investing in businesses, and bribing politicians. At that point, somewhere in the 1990s, it was over. Democracy entered its final stage.

When no one will investigate accusations of a dubious election, the highest police force in the land hides evidence, the tax agencies crack down on one side, the espionage agencies spy on a candidate, and government refuses to follow legitimate orders, you have a takeover from within by a cabal bent on perpetuating and increasing its own power.

People who think of power that way are incompetent. The sane way to think of power is that you use it toward some end, like making a better civilization, which in turn makes the civilization more valuable and increases your value as a leader. The insane way to view power is to visualize it as a tangible and finite thing, and to try to seize it from others and hold it, which never works because power always seeks its own level.

You can be Stalin or Hitler, but all you have done is to nail a peg into one part of the tent flapping in the wind. Now the rest flaps even harder, and you have to nail down more tent-pegs to keep the whole thing from tearing or flying away. Power of this nature becomes an ever-expanding quest.

Our government is based on this form of power, called control, which relies on changing minds by making certain behaviors taboo and punishable. They need to control minds to perpetuate a sense of legitimacy, since this keeps people from reducing their output to the minimum. That happens anyway over time because control-based societies rule through subjugation by humiliation, forcing people to accept obvious untruths and negative outcomes as legitimate goals and the best possible option. Their goal is centralized power and that requires a few “elites” who know better, a vast lumpenproletariat whose role is to obey.”

It is my hope that sites like his will take he next logical step and support secession, which is what one would expect if none rejects the diversity myth. Time to wake up, as the hour is getting late.



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Sunday, 05 December 2021
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