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Amazon to Ban Every Book Ever Written! (Maybe Books Not Even Written Yet!) By Charles Taylor

     I have been following the Amazon book banning frenzy, which has involved banning white nationalist books from various places. This has been met with a “so what” from the site referenced below which says that it is Alt Right, but I don’t see much right about its celebration of any sort of book banning:

     Apparently, nothing to worry about here, of course until Big Tech knocks their works off, and shuts down their site. That would be too bad, because one does not have to agree with everything at a site to see merit.
And it is not just the radicals who are being culled, for they have gone for antivaxxers’ stuff and now science books that they don’t like, as Mike Adams, apparently has said:

“Health fascism is here: CNN pressures Amazon to ban science books they don't like. The insanity of our world keeps increasing by the day. Now CNN is pressuring Amazon to ban science books that don't fit CNN's agenda, which is a pro-pesticide, pro-GMO, pro-vaccines, pro-fluoride "death cult" agenda. Soon, Amazon is going to ban all books that tell the truth about vaccines, cancer, GMO, natural health, nutrition science and more. We are witnessing the rise of the Fourth Reich of evil fascism across all the tech giants.”

     Now, I would like to be able to offer a URL for that, but for the life of me, could not find one, even using the search engine at Natural No matter, this is the shape of the future, and people who disagree with other dissidents on some subject, should realise, that they too will have their necks on the chopping block, very soon. Hang together, or be hung, separately.



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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