All the News Fit to Report By James Reed

     Recovering from a massive hangover, I will try my best to be coherent, at least between coffees. If I was in Texas, in this mood, I could soon be able to go out and run over protesters, and not be punished:
This law is insane. There are already too many deaths and injuries from cars and someone has to do something about motor vehicles.

     I read Uncle Len’s article about the Aboriginal lad being killed by the White driver and agree with him that a kid dying over a motor bike, a hunk of metal for a human life, is just wrong: This is crass materialism before human life. Plenty of kids steal bikes and cars, and then after disciple are put back on the right track. What chance is there now?

     It seems clear to me, that feel-good politically correct moves by the elites, such as the Aboriginal referendum, are rather pointless, if injustices at the basic level continue. These need to be addressed before we even argue about the bigger issues.

     Speaking of injustice, you may be utterly surprised to learn that asylum seekers and foreigners are massively overrepresented in the German sex crime statistics:;;

     I was amazed to read this; how could it be? Surely, there is some mistake here, since race is a social construct? Something must be wrong with the social construction. It must be more “false news”:

     Perhaps when incest and necrophilia are legalised, all will be well, at least according to Swedish liberals, who appear to be even more vibrant and vibrating than our liberals:

     Clearly, there is too much affluence and comfort here, and these liberals need to change places with Third World people, those people taking their chattels and consumer goods. Perhaps, then, the White libtards will return to reality, but I won’t hold my alcohol waiting.



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Sunday, 20 September 2020
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