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Alaska Prepares for Nuclear War By James Reed

     With flash points erupting across the world, including the Saudi/Iran crisis, the MSM has gone quiet on the North Korea threat. However, the people in Alaska are already preparing for a war with North Korea, concerned that North Korean missiles would only take 20 minutes to hit Alaska:

     Alaskans are being urged not to evacuate, since probably they cannot, because there would not be enough time for it. People will need to find shelter and bug in, rather than out. The authorities recommend stockpiling emergency food and water, as well as the anti-radiation pill Prussian blue, to reduce the effects of radiation. Alaska has no bomb shelters.

     Surely it is all just a matter of time, because the world is no fairy-tale with happy ever after endings. Building bomb shelters should be a national priority, one which the Russians have taken seriously:

     Australia has been threatened by North Korea with nuclear annihilation, but what has it done beyond voting for same sex marriage? Is that enough for our national defence?



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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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