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AI: The Dissenting View By Brian Simpson

     In general most of us see AI advancements as a potential threat to jobs, if not humanity, unless an alternative social credit economic/financial system is set up. Then automation will ring in “this age of plenty.”

     But, are we right about the advancements in AI? Could there be limits already occurring? I simply do not know enough about this field to form a judgment. There are, though, a minority who think that AI claims have been exasperated – I mean, exaggerated –  and that machines will do a lot of replacing, but will fall short of the sci. fi. dystopia scenario:

“A winter is coming; another AI winter. Mostly because sharpers, incompetents and frauds are touting things which are not even vaguely true. This is tragic, as there has been some progress in machine learning and potentially lucrative and innovative companies based on it will never happen. As in the first AI winter, it’s because research is being driven by marketing departments and irresponsible people.
But hey, I’m just some bozo writing in his underpants, don’t listen to me, listen to some experts:”.

     Any bozo writing in his underpants must be worth listening to.



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Monday, 25 May 2020
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