After Socialism: Then What? By Charles Taylor

     So, if the “refugees” are all allowed in, and open borders are created, if everyone becomes fluid in their sexuality, and all dead white men literature removed from the  child care centres known as universities – then what? What does the Left do for an encore?

     Numerous tweets from the Left indicate that this is only the beginning. There will be no profits and no prisons, since people of colour are disproportionately inmates. Hence, open up all prisons and let the beautiful people roam free, to bring joy and splendour to the land:

New York City DSA  @nycDSA

 Abolish profit
 Abolish prisons
 Abolish cash bail
 Abolish borders#AbolishICE
6:51 AM - Jun 30, 2018
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     If you can remember the 1960s, clearly that was the childhood of the Left. It has grown up now into a genuine monster, and the fight will no longer be with “flowers in their hair”:

     This though is the  reality:

     A racially pathological culture ends up drowning in its own waste products, physical and mental. To paraphrase President Trump, everywhere becomes a sh*thole: 



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