African Immigrants Appalled at the Africanisation of Italy By Richard Miller

     This is how bad it is, when the immigrants start complaining about immigrant’s race:

“A beat-up car carrying African field workers turns off a country highway through this sunny landscape of vineyards and vegetable fields and heads onto a dirt road. They’re headed home to a shanty town where thousands of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers live in a parallel world. There’s no signpost saying this place exists, so the car serves as a guide to reach it. The car bounces along, avoiding potholes, and goes from one dirt path to another across open grassy land. Then, the car turns onto a long straight strip of asphalt. It’s an abandoned landing strip behind a former air force base. Another beat-up car shows up and cruises down the strip too. Suddenly, a visitor is transported from southern Italy into a corner of impoverished Africa. To the side of the landing strip, a man tosses bags of garbage in the back of a moving truck onto the side of the air strip. This is apparently a dumping ground for the shanty town and there are other piles of waste and discarded items, from an old oven to broken chairs, lining the air strip. The ghetto then comes into view off to the right. It’s an extensive assemblage of shacks, caravans and makeshift structures – a kind of invisible town with an invisible population that lives off the grid, off the books and out of sight.

The former air force base now serves as an immigrant center run by police and the military. Its entrance is guarded by bored-looking young soldiers. Behind the base, though, a busy shanty town of about 2,000 or more people has grown up over the years. Most of the people living here work as field hands. But there also are a few storekeepers selling everything from rice to bottled water to chewing gum. There are a couple of makeshift bars where people sit and drink beer. There is a mosque in one structure – slippers are lined up outside on a rug. There’s a makeshift church for Christians. People here were unwilling to speak with a Courthouse News reporter and said they were disillusioned with the media because previous news reports had done little to help them. The immigrants here are eager to get Italian residency, find regular work and decent housing. However, one man, a 29-year-old from Ghana called Musah, agreed to talk. He declined to give his last name and to be photographed. “This is Africa,” Musah said, speaking in English. “We did not come here to live in Africa. Africa is hell.”

     Stopping immigration is no more possible than stopping the revolution of the earth. The only escape from “racism” must be to allow immigrants to take over the wealthy homes of the elites in the green leafy suburbs, those that still remain. Anything less, would be …

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Friday, 21 February 2020
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