Adverse Covid Vaccine Updated By Mrs Vera West

Here is an update on what could be an adverse reaction to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. Authorities say that it is too early to judge, but we will know all about this in, maybe … a couple of years. In the end, it all comes out in the wash, my mother used to say.

“A Queensland police officer was treated in a Brisbane hospital with blood clots days after getting the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

The 40-year-old man who worked patrolling the state's quarantine hotels received the vaccine on Sunday, Nine News reported.

He was rushed to hospital after developing the clots on Wednesday and is being treated. 

It is understood Queensland Health and the Therapeutic Goods Administration are investigating.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles said it was too early to say if the incident is linked to the Pfizer vaccine. 

'What people should be very confident in though, is that our medical authorities are determined to investigate any such incident and provide that information and data, nationally and indeed internationally,' he said on Wednesday.

'It will be thoroughly investigated, our TGA is one of the strictest in the world.'

Given the current scale of the state's rollout is much smaller than Mr Miles would have hoped, he said mass vaccination hubs were not likely in the short term.

'Currently our hospitals are able to do the number of vaccines that we have available but certainly I've discussed with the chief health officer the points in time at which those larger vaccination centres might be useful,' he said.  

A Queensland Health spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia the patient presented to a private hospital, is not currently admitted.

'In Queensland, all adverse events in relation to the COVID-19 vaccines are reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration,' the spokesperson said.

'The TGA will then undertake an assessment and determine whether there is any clinical link to the vaccination.'

If the latest case is confirmed, it will be the first Pfizer case in Australia to be linked to blood clots.



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Saturday, 12 June 2021
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