Accepting the End of the Traditional University, with Joy By James Reed

     These comments by an ageing academic, made as part of’s fun raiser are spot on:

“As an elderly academic, I have predicted for more than 40 years that the American higher education system would eventually destroy itself in a frenzy of suicidal mayhem, intellectual dishonesty, and downright graft. The Coronavirus has accelerated the decline of higher education and laid bare to all its shallowness, hysteria, and anti-white animus. It gives me no pleasure to see the academe in ruins, but I realize now that nostalgia for the almost irenic setting of my undergraduate days is merely a form of self-delusion. No more lamentations for a past that cannot be reproduced. Like a beloved pet that has become rabid, alma mater must be put down, and the sooner the better. It is inhumane to prolong its agony. I have stopped all contributions to the college from which I graduated. That money now goes to Counter-Currents. I urge all of my readers to do the same. The intellectual depth and quality of the writing in Counter-Currents far exceeds any scholarly journal currently being published. I am proud to be a writer for the website. Counter-Currents is now my university.”

     Well, I was never an academic, only a graduate of English and a high school teacher, but I feel the same way about I am sure that if there is anyone with some spare change, looking for a place to unload it decides to send it the editors way, your virtues will be highly praised!



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Friday, 18 September 2020
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