Abortion Clinics … Everywhere By Mrs Vera West

     I think it was James Reed who told me, shock, horror, that the socialists in one Australian university/child minding centre were advocating an abortion clinic on campus. Why, don’t even walk across the road, just make it a one-stop shop, get your abortion, then go get your head refilled with libtard propaganda! However, as usual, the United States is leading the way into the promised land of liberal dystopia.

“The fact is, teens are at an incredibly difficult age where they are neither children nor adults. Though they may look and sound like mature grownups, the simple fact is that they are not, and they are prone to making reckless and even dangerous decisions. Any publication that has teenagers as their target audience, therefore, needs to be incredibly mindful of the messages they send to this vulnerable and impressionable group. Apparently, the teen-focused glamour magazine Teen Vogue doesn’t see it that way. Instead of sticking to issues like young love and acne, this super liberal magazine recently published an article glorifying abortion, filled with feel-good stories about young girls “freed” by their ability to murder an innocent child. The article also bemoaned the fact that college students have to travel off campus to get an abortion – apparently, taking a life should take as little of your time as possible – and pushed for college campuses to provide medical abortion services. It also questioned “restrictions like parental consent laws,” which apparently make it even more inconvenient for teenage girls to deal with the consequences and responsibilities that come with being sexually active.”

     Of course, the power elites who pull the strings have no concern about preventing abortions in the first place by encouraging chastity, as noted in one of the few articles written about this:

“As with mass immigration, proponents of liberalized sexual morality behave as if they are merely observing an “inevitable” cultural change, rather than admitting that such changes have indeed been engineered; they haven’t prevailed simply on account of neutral forces at play, without these cultural transformations getting a mighty boost from numerous powerful, affluent and influential organizations. Neither the ongoing demographic displacement of the West through the “open borders” effort encouraged and enabled by Western elites, nor the ongoing sexual revolution, with all its escalatingly more bizarre permutations of enforced perversity (homosexualism, transgenderism, polymorphism, animal costume fetish-ism, sado-masochistic cuckoldry, etc., along the inevitably concomitant devaluation of “vanilla” heterosexual normalcy) would have happened, nor would they be continuing to happen, without the express support of a determinedly relentless, ideologically monolithic Establishment promoting them both for transparently nefarious ends. If these well-funded, well-favored groups ceased to have influence tomorrow, these causes would immediately founder, if not die outright. But the sexual revolution—whose ultimate goal is the undermining of chastity—is in fact the more insidious of these two crusades. The effort to flood the West with culturally alien elements represents an attack from without, and thus an indirect assault on the health and well-being of native citizens, the anti-chastity crusade aims at the immediate erosion of native countrymen’s strength, virtue, and moral stamina, and thus, their direct corruption.”

     Andy Nowicki does not mention one of the key motivations for the creation of a culture of “unchasity,” beyond the white genocide program (although unchasity is being pushed in all advanced nations like Japan, also as an undermining force), and that is profit. There is money to be made from sex, and those who make the money want this as an industry, and because so called “good’ people have not fought this tooth and nail, the Dark Lords have won, for the time, destroying numerous young lives, and creating a culture more evil than Rome at its most decadent and debauched.



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Wednesday, 23 September 2020
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