A Time for Bombast? By Edward Charlton

     The cholera outbreak in Yemen is the latest outcome of the United States’ initiation of the “Arab” spring during the Obama/Clinton administration.  It began with the destruction of Libya, the richest country in Africa, by the CIA with European assistance, and has rolled through the Middle East with cyclonic force, bringing regime change in Egypt next. The Egyptian regime installed with the aid of US influence has cooperated with Israel to make Gaza into a living hell.
     The Saudi support of Isis and other anti-government forces in Syria, reducing that country to years of death and chaos, and its consistent bombing in Yemen which has reduced it to a living hell, has its prime cause in United States policy also.

     Saudi Arabia is nothing but a client state of the USA. At the first discovery of oil in the Persian Gulf, British and American companies divided their spheres of influence. The British took the eastern side of the gulf being mainly Iran, and the Americans took the western side being Saudi Arabia.
     The truth about Saudi Arabia is that it is run by a single family who know that they have no hope of maintaining their privileges in the face of a hostile America. They have agreed to hold their stupendous financial assets in the United States where they are subject to seizure if the family displeases the Golden Internationale. If any US administration directed the Saudis to stop bombing the Yemen and supporting the anti-government forces in Syria it would stop forthwith and immediately. So who has the responsibility here?

     President Trump at best cannot be regarded as having any sufficient understanding here. Putin’s Russia is the only effective external anti-chaos force currently operative in the Middle East, and is hated for it.
     No evidence is existent that Russian influence altered the casting of a single vote in the recent presidential elections. Evidence however is an irrelevancy in the US media which is dominated by only six corporations. Since they keep going on, and on, and on about Russia influencing the outcome, the mass of innocent minds think that there must be “something in it.”  Objective achieved!
     Sanctions may be maintained on Russia with a view to eventually bringing that country under the hegemony of the Golden Internationale.

     Iran, the disruption of which was to be the final chapter in the “Arab” spring, has complied with all of its treaty obligations with respect to its nuclear energy which the United Nations has now confirmed.  Sanctions continue with no visible intention other than provocation.
     Turkey was complicit in the traumatisation of Syria, but apparently insufficiently so. The US backed coup to install aggressive militants there failed due to Russia’s intelligence forewarning the Turkish President. This has been a great aid in allowing the Syrian Government to overcome the rebel forces, and it is now, with Russian help, bringing the war to a close.

     Those who support traditional Western values now have to re-ask the question “Which is the evil empire?”



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Sunday, 20 September 2020
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