A Ripper Anti-Immigration Article By James Reed

     A recent article has noted that about sixty percent of US respondents in two surveys want to stop all legal and illegal immigration. The polls, which gave people the freedom to voice their real thoughts, surprisingly showed that white American college graduates are more, not less, opposed to immigration than the average American. Almost three-of-four white liberals hide their preference for zero net immigration, and they are more likely than moderates and conservatives in doing this. In fact, 71 percent of liberals support immigration restriction. That is good, but it will do nothing unless these people take action, and they are unlikely to do so, because it would threaten their jobs and creature comforts.

     Now to Australia. An article in Quadrant, July 26, 2017, E. R. Drabik, “The Great Immigration Non-Debate,” https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2017/07/great-immigration-non-debate/, points out that Australia is going in the opposite direction of much of the West, which has questioned continual mass migration, at least to some degree. Australia is accelerating its immigration like there is no tomorrow, because there probably won’t be at this rate:

“The numbers coming in are, quite frankly, insane. Over the last 12 years, annual average net immigration has tripled from its long-term historical average, to 210,000 people a year. Australia is importing a population equivalent to Hobart each and every year or an Adelaide every six years, with this turbocharged intake expected to continue for decades. By way of comparison, Australia’s annual immigration inflow is roughly equal to that of Britain’s, despite Australia only having around a third of the population.
While the populations of most other developed countries have either stabilised or declined, Australia’s population surged by a staggering 21.5% between 2003 and 2015 on the back of Canberra’s immigration-on-roids policy. If current trends continue unabated, Australia’s population is projected to nearly double by 2050, to over 40 million. Needless to say, this immigration-fuelled population explosion will have a host of far-reaching social, cultural, demographic, economic and environmental consequences. But practically no effort has been expended by governments considering what Australia will look like in 10, 20, 40 or 80 years under this high immigration scenario. Canberra is rushing at breakneck speed while blindfolded towards a big, ultra-diverse Australia. In the long history of human folly, this must certainly be a stand-out.
Nor has the Turnbull government provided an official rationale as to why it is running the largest per capita immigration programme in the world. The entire sum of its immigration policy appears to be to bring in as many people as quickly as possible while assiduously burying any sort of public discussion on the issue. The government didn’t even mention the 2017-18 permanent intake number in the budget papers. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton made no public statement on the matter. Dutton’s position atop a new super ministry, ostensibly to enhance national security, has been pilloried by pundits on both sides of politics as ministerial overreach. Yet, at the same time it has been reported that Dutton is considering outsourcing vast swaths of Australia’s immigration system to the private sector, effectively surrendering control over our borders. Rorters, dodgy middlemen and fifth columnists will be rubbing their hands in anticipation.”

     The article goes on to knock over the shonky economic arguments for mass immigration, as well as the ageing population one:

“As a small but growing number of commentators has quite rightly argued, large-scale immigration is being used to artificially pump up economic growth figures at the expense of the existing Australian population. While mass immigration may juice headline GDP growth numbers, the average Australian is no better off economically in per capita terms, as various studies have confirmed. And when one takes into account the greater congestion, higher housing costs, lower wages, intensified job competition, loss of amenity, and overburdened infrastructure and services linked to the present influx, there is a compelling case that wide-open immigration is degrading the living standards of existing citizens.
Those peddling the myth that high immigration is good for all of us tend to be driven by either vested commercial interests or open-borders ideology. Australia’s GDP per capita growth rates over the last decade or so have been weak when compared to a number of developed nations that have little to no immigration. Under current policy settings, Australia is experiencing largely prosperity-free growth. Economist Judith Sloan recently observed:

“Successive Australian governments have been keen to boost population growth through excessive immigration intakes and have been able to disguise two recessions by not measuring changes in GDP per capita.”

Despite the mounting problems associated with the current policy, the major parties remain silently locked in bi-partisan embrace of mass immigration. As Mark Latham has written, both the Liberal-National Coalition and Labor have “caved in to pro-immigration groups, property developers, big retailers and foolhardy Treasury officials who use planeloads of new arrivals to artificially inflate Australia’s GDP numbers.” The influence of this powerful growth lobby over government policy has previously been chronicled by sociologist Katharine Betts.”

    All good stuff, but for someone as old as me, I have heard it all before. The country really is controlled by crony capitalism, and the corruption of this country is approaching South American standards, and it will collapse very quickly. I find this all frustrating having been opposing this dispossession since the 1970s, and knowing that I will die in a few years, without seeing any hope of victory; on the contrary, Australia has begun to rot, and we opposing this have become like Shakespearean vapours.

     The super-evil  elite don’t care what the People think, or what majority oppose immigration. It just does not matter to them, and they sneer at it anyway. These are the sorts of creatures that happily burn out nations for their own greed and profit, with loyalty only to the forces of Darkness and Satanic evil.

     What is needed is an almost apocalyptic battle of good vs evil of Lord of the Rings dimensions, directed against them by millions of people, who would be willing to go to the wall if necessary. But, it will not happen, because the sad fact is, modern man has become an over-fed laboratory rat – not even “sheeple.”



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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