A Report in My Inbox By Colleen H.

     This beach sign was sent from me to a friend.  He has obviously sent it further and one of his contacts replied as below. 

Hi X
  I am not surprised that this is happening.  We have a large Muslim population in Sydney, and much the same thing is occurring here too.  Our Council will not grant permission for new churches to be built in our area, if a new church starts up, their services have to be held in a community centre building, they will not allow a new church building to be built, but this does not apply to mosques, and at the moment one is planned for the suburb next to ours.  It will be open 24 hours, cater for 400 people, there will be 5 prayer sessions a day, starting at 5 am when a loudspeaker will announce the start of prayers.  The nearby residents objected to the building of this mosque, but they were told that they were racist.  Fancy being woken up each morning by someone chanting prayers at 5 am!  And in our local paper last week was the story about a group of Muslims who have bought land at Colo, a rural area about 30 minutes drive from us.  They have cleared the trees from the property, and are have started erecting buildings, all without council permission or planning permission.  When they were told that what they were doing was against the law, they said that they do not obey Australian law, they only obey Allah’s laws.  They have been taken to court, but they have refused to attend. 

Love from




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Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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