A Reply to Jack Donovan: Time to Smell the Napalm in the Morning By John Steele

     Jack Donovan has done important work in defending the traditional concept of masculinity, as well as publishing many thoughtful essays. His recent essay, and he does not publish all that much nowadays is, “The Bill of Rights is What Matters Now.” This is a superficial piece.

“I’m skeptical of the view that we’re living in some kind of “end time” or cyclical inversion of all righteous values. People have always carried signs saying “the end is near.” Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t. Our golden perception of the past is colored by its most successful myth-makers. I’ve heard that my secret “master plan” is Evolian but the truth is that I’m tired of hearing about the Kali Yuga from fans of that time-traveling love child of Jordan Peterson and Dr. Strange. Maybe it’s the end of some grand historic cycle. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe it gets better. Maybe it gets much, much worse. …”

     Well, our job is not to take the secure path but to make assessments based upon the available evidence. The articles below come from internet sources up on this day, and the picture painted is one of anarcho-tyranny, disaster, and in short, a Kali Yuga, or at least, that state that will serve as it until the real Kali Yuga comes along:

     So, what does Donovan suggest be done? He embraces the Bill of Rights:

“America’s founders created the Bill of Rights, because they understood the danger of unchecked state power. The lived in a world where people competing religious groups spent generations murdering and trying to control each other. Actual witchhunts are part of early American history. The founders lived in a world were political imprisonment and execution was a real threat. If you think a 21st Century state with access to drones and facial recognition technology doesn’t need to be checked and will by some miracle behave more benevolently than all of the human governments that have ever existed, you’re dangerously foolish. The original Bill of Rights is the only thing preventing a completely Orwellian police state. If you think you know anything about what goes on in Europe, you’re wrong, because they don’t have the same protected freedoms. Their “news” is already state-sanitized propaganda. The Bill of Rights is what matters now. It’s the only thing standing between us and a corporate police state. It’s the only thing standing between the government monitoring you and controlling what you can and can’t say. Without the original Bill of Rights, America stops being free. It might as well be China. I don’t care where you stand on most issues – you benefit from the ability to be able to express your opinions and spread information that may not be mainstream. And that only works if you’re willing to protect the speech of people who disagree with you. If you think that you’ll be able to influence a state with unchecked power, or that you’ll always be on the right side of their sanctioned “truth,” then you’re wrong. America is a messy, diverse, divided nation. We can agree to disagree on a lot of things. The only political cause I really care about now is The Bill of Rights. I think it’s something a legitimate majority can get behind. A cause that should matter to all races and religions. As long as the integrity of the Bill of Rights remains, everything else is still up for debate.”

     This sadly descends to a version of “muh Bill of rights,” which is just a variation of “muh Constitution.” He does not carry his thought to the next step and recognise that the Bill of Rights exists as a legal construct, and that is effectively legally controlled by lawyers and judges, who come from the Left. Look at the trouble Trump has had getting anything he wanted through, however mild, and then think what will happen when the Democrats return seeking revenge. It ignores the main fact, raised by sites like Natural News.com, that even with a Bill of Rights, the elites will move to neutralise it, and Big Tech censorship makes free speech, merely an academic point, not a living reality. 

     Of course, the West outside of the US, generally lacking a Bill of Rights, must therefore be doomed, but that may not be Jack’s concern; not my tribe, not my problem, you guys look after yourself.

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Monday, 17 February 2020
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