A Plastic World By Mrs Vera West

     Here is news that even I, who am well up on the pollution of the world, both physical and metaphysical, found disturbing; we are literally becoming polluted with so much plastic that it is now invading our very bodies:

“Today at the United European Gastroenterology meeting in Vienna, researchers announced they have detected microplastics in stool samples from every single one of a small group of international test subjects. "Plastics are pervasive in everyday life and humans are exposed to plastics in numerous ways," said Philipp Schwable, a gastroenterologist at the Medical University of Vienna, who led the study, via email. And yet, even he did not expect that every poo would test positive. The pilot study tested eight subjects from eight different countries: Austria, Italy, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and the UK. Each maintained a food diary the week before donating their stools, which they deposited in glass jars, wrapped in biohazard bags, and shipped in cardboard boxes marked "Biological Substance, Category B" to the Environment Agency Austria for analysis.

It's the first study of its kind—"maybe because it is not the most pleasant material to work with," Schwable says, but also because it required close collaboration between doctors and analytical chemists, the latter of whom identified the plastics with a method called Fourier-transform infrared micro-spectroscopy. Every participant's poop tested positive for plastics, from polyethylene (commonly found in plastic bags) to polypropylene (bottle caps) to polyvinyl chloride (the "PVC" in PVC pipe). In fact, of the ten types of plastic that the researchers screened for, nine were detected. On average, the researchers turned up 20 particles of microplastic per quarter pound of poop.”

     It makes one, almost scared to go to the toilet. Where is this going to lead? Probably further reductions in sperm counts and testosterone levels, plus cancer for the ladies. The human race, because of its greed and hubris, and blind worship of technology, may end up being too smart for its own good. Remember, the Garden of Eden story was not about sex, but disobedience and seeking knowledge about that which one was told not to seek. At least, that is what my mother told me, but I suppose the hyper-economic growth Christians nowadays, who have rejected original sin, and embrace humanist progressive ideals, would disagree. Like the Marxists, they seem to think that a utopia can be built in this world; 1 John 2: 17; “ And the world passes away, and the lust thereof, but he that does the will of God abides forever.”




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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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