A Noble Nobel Prize for President Trump By Charles Taylor

     For a time there it looked certain that North Korea would lob a nuke on South Korea, Japan, America, and even Australia got a mention. Yet, Trump has acted to defuse much of this, although there is always the possibility that Kim  may work on nukes in secret. I would. Anyway, whilst Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize, basically for being black, because it could not have been for anything achieved so early in his presidency, Trump gets abuse from the libtards, who now are suddenly worried about human rights abuses, ethnic purity, racism, the entire pc grab bag.

     Presumably, a president should go to war to install social justice. My, that is a lot of wars to fight, as most countries outside of the West, are illiberal. Saudi Arabia would be a good example, but we never hear much from the Left about its sins:

     The only time human rights comes up, is when it is convenient for the Left’s objective to raise it, as a political weapon. We are getting mighty tired, if not bored, with this human rights’ double standard and hypocrisy.



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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