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A Job for Anglo Saxons, Huh? By James Reed

     Witness the impossible:

“An Australian telecommunications company has apologised for posting a job advert that stated a preference for “Anglo-Saxon” candidates. Optus, the nation’s second-biggest provider, had included the description in a posting about a vacant position in a Sydney store. The advert was shared on social media, where it was criticised as racist. Optus responded by removing the posting and saying it would investigate the “completely unacceptable” error. “[We] will be investigating how this occurred with a view to taking disciplinary action against those involved,” spokesman Vaughan Paul said in a statement. Mr Paul said it violated the company’s values, and was a breach of advertising standards. Social media users were angered by the advert.”

     Well what is clear here is that Anglo Saxon’s could never apply because this ethnic group has no racial identity, being the first successful ethnic group in history to be so deracinated that they have no idea who they are. They have allowed the elites to define them out of existence, unless they are needed to be bashed for “racism,” in which case, they are pulled out of the closet, wacked, then returned. The Chinese, even when defeated and conquered, never lost their sense of racial identity. But, Anglo Saxons have committed ethno-suicide, and their elites are proud of it. Even conservatives who should be defending them are so star-struck by universalism, that it is “tribalism” to do what any other group does. Hence, Anglos hang alone by the noose of the multicult, as all individualists must, against the collective might of the tribe. And,  they disappear from history with no trace at all. 



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Tuesday, 14 July 2020
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