A Drop of Wisdom on International Womyn’s’ Day By Mrs Vera West

     I could not find any one convenient reference for this, but the photographs from across the world, show numerus marches with the typical feminist ideologies, abortion, men are bad, more abortions, men are worse, total abortions, let’s kill all men! Surely I am joking for the purposes of satire and entertainment? Well, almost, for Scott Morrison (who’s he?) had something to say about this, in almost a masculine kind of way:

“Scott Morrison has suggested that women’s advancement should not come at the expense of men, in an address to mark International Women’s Day. Speaking to the Chamber of Minerals and Energy in Western Australia on Friday, Morrison said the Liberal party wanted women to rise but did not “want to see women rise only on the basis of others doing worse”. The prime minister’s comments echo remarks by the minister for women, Kelly O’Dwyer, at the National Press Club in November, rejecting the view that “girls doing well must mean that boys do badly”. Morrison said O’Dwyer’s message was that “gender equality isn’t about pitting girls against boys”. “See, we’re not about setting Australians against each other, trying to push some down to lift others up,” he said.

“That is an absolutely liberal value, that you don’t push some people down to lift some people up. And that is true about gender equality too. “We want to see women rise. But we don’t want to see women rise only on the basis of others doing worse. “We want everybody to do better, and we want to see the rise of women in this country be accelerated to ensure that their overall place is maintained.” Labor’s deputy leader and shadow women’s minister, Tanya Plibersek, responded that gender equality “is good for both women and men”. “It gives all of us more freedom and choice at work, at home, and in our relationships,” she said. “Feminism is a fight for equality between men and women, what’s so complicated about that?” Morrison said he and his wife Jenny wanted their two daughters to “have all the choices in life that you would hope that they would have”. He highlighted the role of the economy in women’s advancement, and said that for women and girls to have choices, “our economy has to be strong”.

     That he went to even mention this topic at all indicates that he is aware of a potential problem that needs hosing down, to keep the world safe for globocommo capitalist consumerism. It would not do to have men start to awaken, which explains why even non-white cultural critics such as Roosh v, have been banned as solidly as homosexual critic Milo Yiannopoulos, for even beyond race, the elites core mission is to destroy manhood and create a passive oestrogenic world of willing workers and consumers.

     It would be just too bad if the globalists succeeded in all this, only to find that there were really resource limits, that led to their world crashing down. Not to saw that there are, for we all know that the world is infinite, even if it is round, and that the is always plenty more where anything came from, for at least a trillion years, by which time humanity will be “god’:



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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