In Praise of Man Spreading By John Steele

     This story covers a fair bit of other people’s territory, Vera with feminism/gender and Jimmy old son, with the universities. But, mainly, it is about emasculating men, so that has got me going for it. Men like, and need, because of their anatomy, to sit with their legs open. Crossing legs like sissies just will not do, because it hurts real big men, men like me, men of steel:

“A university student has won a national award for designing a chair that stops men from manspreading. Laila Laurel, 23, created the piece of furniture to stop men from widening their legs and encroaching on other people's personal space. Two bits of wood are cleverly positioned on the seat to physically stop whoever is sitting down from moving their legs apart. The word 'manspreading' was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015 following an online campaign against the practice since 2013. The dictionary definition is the 'practice of a man sitting on public transport with his legs wide apart, taking up more space than he needs and preventing other people from sitting down'. Ms Laurel, who graduates in 3D Design and Craft from the University of Brighton later this month, has been commended for her innovative creation. She won an award for emerging talent in the design industry called the Belmond Award, which calls for imaginative and cleverly presented ideas. Speaking about her inspiration, Ms Laurel said: 'It came from my own experiences of men infringing on my space in public.

'With my chair set I hoped to draw awareness to the act of sitting for men and women and inspire discussion around this.' The student said she was 'shocked', 'happy' and 'honoured' to win the Belmond Award for her work, which is called 'A Solution for Manspreading'. The panel of judges said Ms Laurel's work was 'a bold, purpose-driven design that explores the important role of design in informing space, a person's behaviour and society issues of today'. Ms Laurel, originally from Norwich, Norfolk, has also made a second seat intended for women which, via a small piece of wood in the middle, encourages sitters to extend their legs wider apart. Senior lecturer in architecture and design at the University of Brighton Dr Eddy Elton said he was 'proud' of his student's achievement. He added: 'Over the past month our students and staff have come together to work tirelessly on its design. 'Winning the award at such a prestigious event, which is recognised by the professional design community, was an amazing achievement for our students and university. 'Seeing our students being called to the stage to receive this award is something I will be forever proud of.'”

     No, this is apparently not a joke. A design award for two bits of wood. Gasp! To name but one point of criticism, the device put onto public transport, where seats needs for a whole range of people, including the disabled, is a legal nightmare, with older people, and disabled facing the prospect of leg and hip injuries, especially if busses/trains/trams suddenly brake. But, political correctness rules the waves now. Men, keep man spreading across this sun burnt, man-spreaded land!



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Friday, 19 August 2022