In an Age of Political Correctness Tyranny Expect Fear by Ian Wilson LL.B.

There has been criticism of the printer of Dr David van Gend’s book, Stealing from a Child : The Injustice of “Marriage Equality” not proceeding with the printing of the book for the publisher because the book opposed same-sex marriage. This is apparently the first time in Australia that a printing firm has refused to print a book on political grounds:  It follows on the heels of a Sydney hotel cancelling the booking made by some Christian groups opposing same sex marriage after there were threats made to hotel staff. At the present time we cannot say that it was gay activists who did this, as a matter of law, because there is not strict legal proof, but most journalists criticising this do anyway.

Brendon O’Neil, “Straight-Out Hate in Politics of Identity,The Weekend Australian, September 24-25, 2016, p. 19, sums up accurately the new identity politics which LGBTIism is a part of:

“Now, in an about-face of epic proportions, some gay-rights campaigners (allegedly) sack straights, hound gatherings of Christians on the basis that they’re “predators”, and try to stop people from publishing their ideas. The repressed risk becoming repressers.
I think this speaks to a profound shift from the politics of autonomy to the politics of identity.
In the past, from the 1960s to the 80s, liberation groups, including gay-liberation groups, were driven by an urge to be autonomous, to have the right to live and socialise as they chose without facing state sanction or harassment by the moral majority. These were positive movements, helping to make society a better place.
But more recently, minority groups, and much of the left, have become enamoured with the politics of identity, where you define yourself by your innate characteristics rather than by your ideas; by your race and sexuality, your biological quirks, rather than your shared human capacity to be free.
And this politics of identity tends to be needy and irritable. It demands constant recognition from officialdom, which must now validate and celebrate all identity groups.”

I really don’t have strong emotions about these cases because it is obvious that our opponents are going to play hard ball. What do you expect, for this is after all a cultural war? So, set up venues that are resistant to such threats. If necessary hire warehouses with barbwire fences, and paid professional security guards with dogs. Get printers who will not go to water, and make sure a contract for printing is signed. If they back out, sue them for breach of contract and hit hard. After a while the message will get through. Bullies on both the political playground need to be stood up to.
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