If People are Like This Now, Then What Happens When the SHTF Big Time? By John Steele

     Stupid people are taking out their frustrations upon checkout staff, who should not be blamed for rationing. These people are low paid, have long work hours, and a generally terrible job, and should not be abuse. Here one can see a Woolies staff woman in tears:

     Yet, thought this is sad, what worries me is the video of a fight breaking out in a supermarket. This is starting to become more common as civil society breaks down. I am concerned, and you all should be too, that if this is how some people are now, what happens when things get really bad? Like this bad, and beyond:

     Golden hordes?  Mutant zombie bikers, or walkers?

     Speculating on the madness that has become normality in the West, Edward Slavsquat, an American in self-exile in Russia, has concluded that civilizational collapse was coming to the West anyway, and that the coronavirus pandemic, which he sees as exaggerated, is the final nail in the coffin:

“Myopic observers might conclude that western civilization was brought to its knees because in our current age of unapologetic self-pity and collective victimhood, it suddenly became really hip to identify as an Italian octogenarian, or a bloated American diabetic. This take is far too sympathetic, even if probably true. The regrettable truth is that western civilization – please understand we’re using this term in the most general and generous way possible – was dead-on-arrival when COVID-19 came knocking. Europeans and their hapless American offspring are bored, entirely without hope and completely exhausted. You could squeeze all 320 million Americans like lemons and you’d be lucky to find yourself with a shot glass-worth of confidence or vitality. Centuries of artistic and scientific triumphs have been almost entirely erased by modern Europe’s bureaucrat-driven stagnation and apathy – no small accomplishment, all sarcasm aside. There is bankruptcy at every level. Nothing solid is left to fall back on. Apparently some of you are not even entirely sure if you are male or female. This is not exactly a recipe for longevity, we’re very sorry to say. Predicting what comes next is easy – just try to imagine the worst possible scenario. Now multiple that by a factor of ten. Your outlook is still too rosy, but optimism is only human. We understand that some might be in partial agreement with us but still might find this internet article to be an irresponsible over-exaggeration. Allow us a closing thought. In his timeless television series ‘Civilisation’, the badly-missed Sir Kenneth Clark meditated on how seemingly indestructible societies fall into ruin and vanish from the earth: However complex and solid it seems, civilization is actually quite fragile. It can be destroyed. What are its enemies? First of all, fear. Fear of war, fear of invasion, fear of plague. And fear of the supernatural, which means that you don’t question anything or change anything. The late antique world was full of meaningless rituals, mystery religions that destroyed self-confidence. And then, boredom. The feeling of hopelessness, which can overtake people with a high degree of material prosperity. Clark summed up: “It’s lack of confidence, more than anything else, which destroys a civilization.”

     It though is much worse than lack of confidence, which puts it mildly, for there is an unparalleled level of self-hatred in the West, mainly by its decadent elites who seem to think that it will be cool to simply destroy everything. But, they are going to find out that it is not so cool, when they don’t have food to eat.



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Monday, 06 February 2023

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