If Japan Can, Why Not Us? By Mrs Vera West

     It is well known that birth-rates of primarily Northern European people (Nordics/Nordish), in the West, are below replacement level. The same problem exists in Japan. Unlike the deracinated West, the Japanese resist the immigration mania of replacing their people by foreigners, and good for them. However, now it seems that one town in Japan has reversed the trend of racial/demographic decline, doubling its fertility rate:

“A PATCHWORK of nondescript houses nestled at the foot of a mountain, Nagicho looks like an ordinary Japanese town. On closer inspection, something extraordinary marks it out: babies. Yuki Fukuda is one of many local mothers with three children. The bump under her winter coat indicates that another is on the way, part of a baby bonanza that has seen the town’s fertility rate double since 2005.

Not surprisingly, reporters have flocked to this remote corner of the country to see if there is something that promotes fecundity in the water flowing down from Mount Nagi. The cause appears to be more prosaic: economics. Alarmed by the dearth of children, the local government increased incentives to have babies. The fertility rate rose from 1.4 (meaning that the average woman will have 1.4 children in her lifetime, roughly the national rate) to 2.8 in 2014. Provisional figures suggest the rate has since fallen back to 1.9, but even if correct, that remains well above the national average.”

     So, the answer is simple: set up an economy where there is the economic capacity for women to make the choice to have children, and they will. That is one of the clear merits of social credit, which solves the fundamental economic problem of the deficiency of purchasing power. Don’t tell me, all you male writers that women have all become feminists and don’t want to start families! James Reed, are you listening!

     Sure, there are a lot of these types out there, but the average young girl would still go down the family path if society pushed that agenda, rather than the insane and inhuman hyper-capitalist globalism, of maximising the number of atomistic consumers:

     Do not despair young Hobbits, there is still hope:



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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