If it Falls, Should We Care? Maybe By Chris Knight

An interesting paper by the ever-provocative Gregory Hood at American Renaissance, about why he does not care about American decline. The argument is simple: why support a system that is directed to destroying whites as a people? Surely, that is irrational? The only thing to hope for though, is that China goes down the economic tubes too, rather than being the new ruling oppressor. It, contrary to Hood, really could be worse.



“However, what I call the “American Paradox” may doom this “empire.” The empire is run by people who seem to care nothing for the country; it’s is built on sand. The Biden Administration gives non-whites preferences over whites, spies on white advocates, is purging the military on ideological and racial grounds, and supports Black Lives Matter. This may play well in the media, but it undermines the empire’s power in two ways.

First, whites have no reason to fight for a government that discriminates against them, replaces them through immigration, and scorns their heritage. Likewise, if America really is plagued by racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other newly invented sins, why should non-whites and leftists support the government? There’s no point at which progressives can say “we’ve won, we are equal.” Blacks support the Democrats, but only if there is a payoff. If there isn’t, they’ll walk away. The Biden Administration’s support is broad (over 50 percent in most polls) but thin.

One can argue that the current System is not consciously trying to eliminate European-Americans. “Deaths of despair” and lower birth rates are unintended consequences of public policy, replacement migration is either not happening or good for us, and “anti-racism” and efforts to destroy “whiteness” are misguided idealism.

Either way, I don’t see why whites must save the Globalist American Empire from itself. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and other would-be populists are probably sincere in their desire to defend the Uyghurs. However, their job is not to defend Chinese Muslims, but to defend Americans.

Until we have politicians who care about us, I don’t care about the geopolitical games the government wants to play. I’m glad this decline is happening under Joe Biden, though, so more patriotic Americans aren’t fooled into thinking we have a stake in these squabbles.

Of course, Russia or China won’t “save” us. China is repeating Black Lives Matter propaganda. Vladimir Putin recycles the charges against America you hear on any college campus. He blasts slavery, the treatment of the Indians, and the atomic bombing of Japan. Everywhere, people say that “the other side is the real racist;” even in the Russian protectorate of the Donetsk People’s Republic, I heard Russian and DPR officials say their war was just because Ukraine was run by “fascists” and “Nazis.” Their political vocabulary is trapped in 1945, just like ours.

The Regime’s fights abroad are not our fights. The Regime treats us with contempt. We are not much more than tax slaves and cannon fodder. Why should any nation respect American whites if our own government despises us? Should we therefore celebrate the regime’s failures? If the postwar American order falls, what follows could be worse, but so long as we are subjugated, I’m not sure it matters much whether the orders come from Washington, Beijing, or Moscow.”



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Tuesday, 28 June 2022