I Want to be a Lollipop Worker Too! (Sex Change if Necessary!) By Uncle Len, the All-Day Sucker

     Well, well, well, just look at this and weep:

“A new Queensland Government plan could reportedly see lollipop workers earn close to $180,000 a year. The massive wage would apply to jobs on regional construction projects under minimum conditions being considered by the Labor Government. The Government is trialling minimum requirements for major state-funded projects, similar to a Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union’s industry agreement. It will force builders to ensure subcontractors apply the rates, but builders claim the move will drive up costs by at least 30 per cent. They also say it will put principal contractors at risk of breaching workplace laws on adverse action and coercion in relation to subcontractors. The requirements would apply to projects worth more than $100 million, the first understood to be the $130 million expansion of the Cairns Convention Centre. The project’s 122 pages of minimum conditions, sent out to tenderers in October, include five per cent annual pay increases, requirements to pay weekend hours at overtime rates of 200 per cent and 12 per cent superannuation contributions, according to the Australian Financial Review. Under the plan carpenters would earn $198,000 a year on a 46-hour week and traffic controllers about $178,000, according to calculations from the Master Builders Association.”

     Is it any wonder that Australia has gone down the drain? It is one big party while Rome burns. Say, where can I get one of those high paying jobs; if you can’t beat them, join them and then bring them down!



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Thursday, 22 February 2024

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