Hyperparasites By Chris Knight

Guess what? Nature is so wonderful that many parasites also have parasites upon them.



That raises the question of how far the infinite regression proceeds. From what I can gather, this can go to at least three levels, as noted in the article above. And, apparently this applies to human societies too, as rioting thieves can get rolled by other more parasitic thieves:



“WorldStar Hip Hop posted a video of a man looting in Philadelphia this week — who was then promptly looted by other looters.

In the video, the masked man boasts of his haul — including abortion pills — and then flashes forward to the aftermath, when he is shaken up after evidently being robbed. He holds his hand up to the camera, displaying a wound from the confrontation.”


          Keep up the good work. We are going to be seeing all matters of absurdity, because normality has ended and we are all but players, not in Shakespeare’s play of life, but a tragicomedy of the theatre of the absurd.






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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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