Hunter Biden Pulls in the Loot From Commo China By Chris Knight

Just imagine if Trump’s woke daughter pulled in big bucks from Russia. Whoa! Grounds for impeaching Trump. But the Bidens can do anything they want, and it is all systems go, because if its Left, nothing else matters, as deplorables are too gutless to stop this, everywhere in the West. As “good men” do nothing, evil triumphs, most of the time. Sometimes the bad guys lose due to black swam events. Let us hope that cosmic randomness starts to favour us for a change.

Joe Biden should have been disqualified from running for president due to conflicts of interest, being a communist Chinese agent, that is a person under the influence of China, along with his son, but Time named him person of the year. I have no faith in the system, this is the real legitimization crisis Professor Habermas.



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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