How to Go to Invade Iran and Venezuela in One Clean Swoop By Charles Taylor

     The US agenda, given to it by the Masters of the Universe, is to take out both Iran and Venezuela. Don’t worry about the invasion of the border down south as all is going according to plan, for America will be made part of Mexico in a few years.  Thus, this is how it is going to be played out:

“Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro is partnering with Iran to establish a beachhead for terrorist groups in the Western Hemisphere, Vice President Mike Pence warned Tuesday. “The Iranian regime has been working with Venezuela’s corrupt dictatorship to establish a safe haven for its terrorist proxies,” Pence said in an address before the Council of the Americas. Maduro loyalists deny that Hezbollah, the preeminent terrorist subsidiary of Iran, has a presence in Venezuela, even though the regime’s top diplomat traveled to Beirut to meet with a Hezbollah leader last month. U.S. officials have contradicted those denials for years, but Pence’s State Department speech intensified the allegations just days after the dictator withstood an opposition-led call for a military uprising to overthrow the regime.

“Venezuela is a failed state,” Pence said. “And as history teaches, failed states know no boundaries. Drug traffickers, criminal gangs, terrorist groups seeking to destabilize the region and profit from the misery of the Venezuelan people every day.” Maduro has held onto power using a variety of outside forces. He has relied on local gangs to crack down on protesters when the Venezuelan military might refuse to do so. Foreign governments, chiefly Cuba but also Russia, have fortified the regime's internal security and defenses. Pence discussed the Iranian connection in his speech, citing last month's "very public launch of direct air service between Caracas and Tehran by Mahan Air, a blacklisted airline controlled by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, which President Trump recently designated as a terrorist organization."

     Got the argument? Iran, a terrorist state is sending terrorists to Venezuela. I don’t know why since the terrorists could simply walk to the border and be treated like royalty, but we pass over that point. All the more reason to bomb both countries, you know along the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie, I mean line. Yet, Russia and China are involved with both, so this could be the way the neo-cons bring about Armageddon, in the hope of a rapture and being hand-delivered express post through the pearly gates. But I don’t think things are going to work out quite like that. It is one heck of a price to pay to get oil: to fry for eternity.



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Friday, 19 August 2022