How Soon Before America Goes Down? By Chris Knight (Florida)

I imagine that there would be betting sites where you could bet on when America, the West, the planet, maybe even the universe, goes down, meaning undergoes collapse. But, in terms of collapseology, the new science of falling apart, it is a paradox, since if say the betting organisation is in America, and America collapses, how are you going to get your money, and what would one do with it anyway? So, no bets, but it does seem likely that the whole US society, at least the cities, are splitting at the seams. We know that something must be wrong, when liberals cry: “We may be liberal but this has gone too far!” No, it has only just started. Once the threads that hold the fabric of society together have been severed, the whole garment soon unwinds. The consequences for the West, and little Australia, facing the might of China, are immense.

“The quote of the day comes from a Greenwich Village resident commenting on the “drug den” infestation of heroin-addicted lunatics who have taken over the progressive Manhattan area, turning it into a trashed-out insanity zone. Here’s the quote: “We may be liberal but this has gone too far!”

Another neighbor offered up a similarly entertaining quote about the situation, lamenting, “The zombies are now near the fountain…”

This is all documented in this NY Post story that describes the rapid collapse of liberal areas in America’s Democrat-run cities. Thanks to truly insane, stupid policies on the part of Democrats — such as legalizing shoplifting and defunding police — once-great cities across America are now collapsing into filthy crapholes (San Franshitsco, anyone?).

This is all part of the accelerating cultural and civil collapse now plaguing America, and it’s only getting worse under “progressive” programs like Universal Basic Income — i.e. paying people to stay home and not contribute anything useful to society.

“Woke” Pentagon soldiers share nuclear secrets in a public flash card app.

It’s not just insanity, but also sheer stupidity that has taken over America’s culture, too. Now, U.S. soldiers trying to bone up on national security details involving the storage of nuclear material have been caught using public online flash card apps to help memorize all those details.

Stupidly, they entered passwords, locations, security protocols and much more into an online flash card app, allowing anyone to search their flash cards via Google. This was all reported by The Daily Mail UK, and it shows that even the very people responsible for safeguarding America’s nuclear arsenal are complete morons. Comparisons to Idiocracy are impossible to avoid here… is this the new “woke” military hard at work? …

… Tesla vehicles will now start spying on Tesla drivers with in-cabin video cameras, making sure drivers are paying attention to the road when they invoke self-driving features. So now your own car is spying on you. This was all initiated because Tesla-owning morons have been activating auto-pilot while leaving the driver’s seat and joining other passengers in the rear of the vehicle, while hurtling down the interstate with no driver at all.

Meanwhile, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said over the weekend that the microchip supply shortage will continue for at least a few more years. He didn’t really explain the correct reason for this, but at least he’s admitting the global semiconductor supply situation is in shambles. (Hint: The highly complex global economy is breaking down by the day…)

Democrats are dropping off crates of full-auto weapons in gang neighborhoods to keep “gun crime” going strong.

In other culture news, an ex-gang member explains that Democrats are dropping off crates of full-auto firearms in gang-infested cities in order to add to the gun violence and push for more gun control. They’re literally distributing full-auto weapons all over America, putting them into the hands of gangsters and violent criminals. Sounds a lot like Operation Fast & Furious, doesn’t it? That was a Barack Obama / Eric Holder special.

In economic news, the US Mint is now delaying silver shipments because of a global silver shortage which is also strongly impacting the semiconductor industry. Suddenly, everything is in short supply, even while “money” is now free thanks to endless stimulus blowouts that are flooding the streets with money even faster than Democrats can flood the streets with guns.

Rent is soaring across America, and according to a Zero Hedge article, “58% of all houses sell within two weeks of listing, of which 45% sell for more than their listing price, also a record.”

People are snapping up rural homes like crazy, trying to flee the collapsing craphole cities run by insane Demonrats. Meanwhile, “the zombies are now near the fountain” has become the perfect metaphor for the total ruination of civilization that’s being pursued by lunatic Leftists who destroy everything they touch.”

That gave me heart burn! Still nothing that a handful of anti-acid tabs will not halt. We had better see what The New York Post has to say for themselves on all of this:

“A lawless, drug-infested Washington Square Park is horrifying even famously free-spirited Greenwich Village residents.

“We may be liberal but this has gone too far,” lamented Steven Hill, who has called the neighborhood home since 1980. “There have always been drugs in the park, mostly pot, but what’s emerged this spring is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.”

Washington Square Park’s northwest corner was overtaken in recent months by a crack- and heroin-filled “drug den,” while boisterous, booze-soaked raves around the central fountain have kept neighbors up until the wee hours and left the historic green space trashed each morning.

The city responded to more than a month of complaints and numerous Post queries by erecting barriers on Tuesday, closing off the northwest corner to both legal and illegal uses, while cops in recent nights have boosted their presence.

But neighbors are still incensed by the condition of the park and what they believe are token efforts by the city to return it to lawfulness.

“The zombies are now near the fountain, as well as next to the chess [southwest] corner. They’ve simply moved up about 200 meters from the now shuttered end of the park,” one angry neighbor emailed The Post on Wednesday. “I think all hell is going to break loose.”

The Post toured the park this week, after the “drug den” was closed, and still found the flowerbeds littered with syringes and scores of empty drug capsules. A park gardener told Hill he found two dozen syringes while tending the grounds Wednesday morning.

Another resident contacted The Post following a recent 8 a.m. stroll to the park’s dog run, reporting a female giving oral sex to a drug dealer, with other men “lined up for their turn” with their pants open.

Another neighbor captured video of illegal fireworks lighting the air above the arch early Friday, past the park’s unenforced midnight closing time.

The park, with its majestic Romanesque arch at the end of Fifth Avenue, is one of the city’s most scenic landmarks and long a haven for festive New Yorkers and visitors alike to let their freak fly. The area is also home to New York University and some of the city’s most coveted real estate.

But over the spring emerged an “open-air drug bazaar” — a nearly 24-hour-a-day parade of addicts, drug peddlers and prostitutes, some openly hitting pipes or shooting up with syringes on benches.

NYPD data shows robbery is up 73 percent this year in the 6th Precinct, which covers the park. Sex crimes have surged 36 percent. There have been two shootings — up from none last year. There have three cases of grand larceny and four felony assaults reported inside the park alone in the first quarter of 2021, before the current surge in warm-weather activity.

NYU issues regular safety alerts regarding trouble in a park long promoted as a university asset, including two students who were assaulted in the park two weeks ago. In late April, a park melee disrupted the filming of the Amazon comedy “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”

Well that might not be all bad! What about other cities, say, LA? Oh, that is being burnt down; the “zombies” have burnt the fountain down:

Los Angeles is set ablaze up to 24 times a day. The cause? Thousands of homeless encampments.

This year, fires started in homeless encampments have accounted for 54 percent of the blazes battled by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), according to officials—a sharp uptick compared to 2020.

As the county grapples with more than 66,000 people living on its streets, critics are pointing to the growing number of fires caused by the homeless as another indication that officials are mishandling the crisis. And in parts of the city where the homeless are concentrated, residents and business owners say their concerns are not being heard.

LAFD Capt. Erik Scott told The Epoch Times that potential hazards in encampments come from warming and cooking fires, particularly on cold nights.

“One of our concerns is fires in tents where people experiencing homelessness are sleeping—where they could be injured or even die—and fires that start against a building and spread into the structure,” Scott said. “Flames from those fires can spread into the brush in wildland areas, or to nearby buildings in urban areas or inside vacant buildings.”

He said potential fire hazards increase significantly on windy days, when the flames can spread rapidly.

“Using open flame to cook in any enclosed spaces, especially tight quarters like tents, can easily catch the tent or belongings inside on fire,” said Scott. In addition, toxic smoke gases can asphyxiate the tent’s occupants, knocking them out or killing them.

LAFD Fire Chief Ralph M. Terrazas recently walked through the Skid Row area in downtown L.A. with representatives from nearby business districts to discuss their concerns about encampments.

“The LAFD now has our Downtown-based Fast Response Vehicle on duty six days per week to service the Skid Row area,” Scott said. He described the vehicle as a quad-cab pickup truck equipped with a 300-gallon fire-suppression tank that “can quickly extinguish fires while small.”

But not all fires caused by the homeless are small: In the wealthy enclave of Pacific Palisades, a homeless person was charged May 18 with committing arson attacks that ignited a 1,158-acre brush fire. The suspect allegedly ignited the blaze repeatedly, according to witnesses in an LAFD helicopter.

The issue is citywide, Scott said. Multiple agencies and departments have separate roles regarding the homeless, based upon their agency’s jurisdiction. The LAFD is now working closely with both city and county partners to address the encampment fires.

After the Pacific Palisades suspect was arrested, L.A. Councilmember Mike Bonin responded on Twitter.

“Arson is a crime committed by a person, and not by their housing status,” Bonin wrote. “Suggesting the suspect’s housing status is a contributing factor to the crime is irresponsible, and implies other people experiencing homelessness are inherently more dangerous or more likely to commit arson than housed people.”

Well, no, homeless people are lighting fires, often in 44 gallon drums, while better off people with homes, have safer structures for fires, or gas and electricity. And, these poor homeless people are causing fires, fact. Housing status is correlated with fire outbreaks, not deliberate, but in terms of a greater probability for accidents, because the fire structures are not safe. If homes are not forthcoming, how about supplying safer gas heaters, as used in out-door restaurants?




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