How is Our Local “Antifa” Types Doing? By Peter West

     Antifa in the US is up to all sorts of violent things, as we have described in various posts. Antifa, does not have an official definition, but in general it depicts radical Left groups who take to the streets in protests and action, mostly young people, and despite publicity to the contrary, generally white and from middle class backgrounds:

     Australia may not be far behind in radical Left action, and here are some allegations, about which I make no assertions, being frail, weak, and generally a coward:

“Liberal backbencher Nicolle Flint has survived what she describes as “a concerted attack to destroy me mentally” at this year’s federal election, saying the aggressively personal tactics of GetUp have become so toxic that good people will be afraid to enter politics. Ms Flint, who registered one of the toughest wins of the 2019 campaign despite an all-out assault by GetUp and the unions in her marginal Adelaide seat of Boothby, has revealed the full extent of the abuse she faced, saying it got to the point she feared for her safety. Her office was egged, her posters defaced, labelling her a prostitute, she was shouted down at candidate debates and she was also stalked and had to call in SA Police to guarantee her safety. Ms Flint has also revealed that, since the May 18 election, male colleagues have confided they would discourage their daughters from a political career on the basis of what she endured. “This was a campaign to destroy me personally, a concerted attack to destroy me mentally,” Ms Flint told The Australian. “They wanted to get me to a point where I could not function as a candidate, where I was afraid to go out. It was a campaign that has very serious ramifications for how we conduct politics in this country. “We regard ourselves as an open and civil society. Instead, I ended up feeling unsafe for much of the campaign. I credit both GetUp and the unions for creating an environment where abuse, ¬harassment, intimidation, shouting people down and even stalking became the new normal.

“By running such an abusive personal campaign in my seat, GetUp and the unions created an environment where all these things were not only possible, but probable.” Ms Flint is 41, single, and lives alone in her electorate, a fact she was willing to divulge to put her campaign experience in its context: “I was scared, and towards the end of the campaign I did have a moment with the egg attacks and vile graffiti and stalking when I wondered if it was worth it.” Her assessment is backed by former SA premier John Olsen, a 40-year political veteran who is now president of the SA Liberal Party. Mr Olsen said the Boothby campaign was without precedent in South Australia. “The campaign against Nicolle Flint was a new low,” Mr Olsen told The Australian. “It was ugly, offensive, and unfortunate in that it may dissuade other women from a career in politics.” A spokesman for GetUp yesterday rejected responsibility for Ms Flint’s treatment, saying the group had written a tweet during the campaign condemning the attacks on her campaign office. “GetUp condemns the sexist and cruel attacks Nicolle Flint and other women, such as Zali Steggall, faced during the election, as well as bullying from within the party. “We specifically condemned the attacks on Ms Flint’s office at the time. There is no place for that in our politics,” it said.

     First, the Leftist group denies the attack, and who am I to doubt this? But Peter, could they be lying? No, I believe them, of course.  Still, this is a report in the public domain and if the allegations are true we can expect the police to be diligently investigating this, can’t we? I mean to say, across the world most of these incidents get investigated, don’t they? Sure, trust the system, keep your faith, conservatives, just believe that the rule of law is still operating. After all, things are going swimmingly well in the US in that regard:



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Friday, 19 August 2022