How European Leftists Respond to Democratic Elections with Results They Don’t Like! By Richard Miller (London)

The success of the far Right in the European elections resulted in young Leftists, mainly Whites, going on a rampage in France. There are numerous videos of the ferals, straight out of Lord of the Flies, kicking in private business frontages because they thought the owners were supportive of the Right, or not Leftist enough. It is amazing that there is no kick-back against these sorts of attacks, in Europe, and only a few in America. One would have thought that people would have been standing by to guard their businesses instead of letting the damage be done and hope that insurance covers it, paying an increased bill the next year, as the insurance firms are now doing.

The most ironic part of the demonstrations is that the democratic election of Right wing candidates is threat to "democracy," they say. Here "democracy" means, the rule of the Left, and right they are about that one!

"Far-left extremists rioted in Paris and other French cities, lobbing projectiles at police, as they threw hissy fits over the "far-right" winning EU elections while claiming they were protesting to preserve "democracy."

Police launched tear gas against the rioters in France's capital city as demonstrators chanted "ACAB" (All Cops Are B*stards).

The protests are being promoted by 5 top French unions which are urging young people to "demonstrate as widely as possible" over the coming week.

"Our Republic and our democracy are in danger," the unions warned. "We need a democratic and social revival. Otherwise, the extreme right will come to power."

The irony of demonstrating against the results of a democratic vote in the name of fighting for "democracy" was apparently lost on the idiots.

"Demonstrations also mobilized thousands of people across France: some 2,200 in Marseille, according to the police, more than 2,500 in Rennes, around 1,500 people in Bordeaux and another thousand in Montpellier and Besançon," reports LeMonde.

Sings carried by the rioters said "The extreme right in power will not let go, let's fight them now!" as militants had temper tantrums over other French people expressing their democratic right to vote.

Demonstrators also carried placards that read, "Make racists afraid again" and "No to the Hate era," while marchers in Toulouse asserted, "No fascists in the neighborhoods, no fascists in the Assembly!"

In Lyon, protesters compared Marine Le Pen to Hitler, while in Saint-Etienne, demonstrators labeled her supporters "racists" and "fascists" (haven't heard that one before).

Someone should perhaps tell them that attacking police officers can't change the result of national elections.

As we highlight in the video below, the agitators are merely amplifying the hysteria of the political class in venting their fury at the rise of genuine populist parties who actually represent the will of the people." 



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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