High Alert over China War By James Reed

A Chinese student whom I privately teach said this to me, and he knows that while I respect individuals, I have misgivings about communist China, as does he. “Mr Reed, Australia has got a red-hot steel rod and rammed it into the bear. And that bear now wants to take your heads off.” He said that any sort of apology will be seen by the communists as left too late. Each day another commodity falls, so something needs to be done. How about helping Trump?






“A leading academic has labelled Australian states and territories a 'weak link' in rebuffing foreign interference and called for the establishment of state-based national security units.

It comes after legislation permitting the Australian government to review and scrap state, territory, local council and public university deals with other nations passed federal parliament on Tuesday.

Australian National University Professor Rory Medcalf will on Wednesday address the National Press Club, arguing states and territories are currently unprepared to tackle contemporary national security issues.

This included security issues related to critical infrastructure, as well as those associated with espionage, propaganda and cyber threats.

Prof Medcalf will argue state governments lack the capacity to engage with issues such as foreign interference or international tensions, in part due to a dearth of officials with high-level security clearances.

He will call for all Australian states and territories to establish dedicated national security units with security-vetted staffers who can handle confidential information from Australia's national intelligence bodies.

'States and territories are where it gets real,' Prof Medcalf says.

'They don't deal with the abstractions of diplomatic talking points or strategic analysis, but the tangible day-to-day elements of national resilience and national vulnerability - critical infrastructure, frontline geography and the daily decisions and livelihoods of Australian citizens.'”

It is a step in the right direction to stop seeing China as the Left does, as a big jolly commo Santa, and to face the reality of a ruthless dragon on the way to world conquest. Time for Australia to wake in fright.




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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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