Hey … I Must be Coviddy Crazy Too! By James Reed

     The great Gary Ablett Sr believes many of the things I do, no causal connection at all, pure coincidence, but whereas the legacy media is attacking him, I feel a sense of great relief, that a nobody like me, shares the same counter-system beliefs with a true AFL legend. God bless you son of football, the greatest Geelong footballer of all time! He is totally switched on and reaching heaps of people with the good news, especially about Jesus Christ.

“AFL legend Gary Ablett Sr has taken to YouTube to deliver a complex rant linking the coronavirus pandemic to 'End Times' biblical prophecies, and conspiracy theories about Freemasons and the Illuminati. The 27-minutes long video filmed in his car and posted to YouTube on Friday provided a very rare insight into the state of mind of a man who many regard as the greatest to have played the sport. Ablett, 58, who had seldom spoken publicly throughout his playing career and since, made up for lost time with an extraordinary video that linked COVID-19 to the 'new world order' and the second coming of Jesus Christ. 'It's not natural. It didn't come from bats. They're lying to us and they have been for decades,' Mr Ablett said of the virus. 'It was man made in a lab. Deliberately designed and deliberately released.' 'They don't want a cure. Why? Because they want us to take their vaccines. And their vaccines are going to kill us. They want to wipe out billions of people.' The 58-year-old says later in the video that the development of a vaccine is part of a 'trans-humanist' plot. 'These vaccines they are talking about, they want to change our DNA and there are things in them… and they are trying to link us up with artificial intelligence so we can both give and receive messages.' Ablett, who is the father of dual Brownlow Medallist Gary Ablett Jr, said the virus is 'camouflage' for globalist agendas like the introduction of a one-world currency and the banning of cash. 'They need to crash the global economy… [so that] cash will be gone and what they are trying to bring in is their global digital currency,' he said. 'A one-world money system that is going to lead to the mark of the beast.' Mr Ablett repeatedly touched on religious themes in the lengthy monologue and said the rapture - when Christians are unified with God - was 'imminent'. He also argued the Victorian Premier was being used by those who were conducting the conspiracy. 'Daniel Andrews is nothing but a puppet to a very corrupt establishment and Victoria is the test case for what they are wanting to do in the entire nation,' Mr Ablett said. 'We need to wake up and rise up and stand against this stuff and expose them for who they really are because it’s all satanic. 'The only real answer for the world at this time is to repent of your sins and give your heart to Jesus Christ.'”

     I agree with everything said in the video and agree that the only answer to the coming apocalypse that the New World  Order is going to bring, is to repent, and give one’s life to Jesus Christ, for while Western civilisation is likely to be destroyed, and the planet, there is the hope of the Second Coming, the final judgment, and the world to come: “And these will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.” Matthew 25: 46. Tell me where in the Bible it says that the Earth is meant to be eternal?



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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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