Here Comes Chaos and Civil War By John Steele

Why should our American friends have all the fun covering the inevitable breakdown of America, and by a kick on effect, Australia as well, as economies unravel. Even Biden’s proposed lock down of the entire US country will result in a global recession, if not depression. At least we have been warned, of the storm that is coming.

“It was almost exactly ten years ago that we first predicted that the Fed's "moronic" QE which has sparked an unprecedented class, income and wealth divide, "positions US society one step closer to civil war if not worse." This prompted Time magazine to mock our forecast, although we doubt the author, currently at Bloomberg where pretty much every financial op-ed writer eventually ends up, is laughing today after an almost identical assessment of the current situation, if ten years delayed, was published by a far more "respected" by the likes of Time commentator, Ray Dalio.

In the latest installment of his ongoing series on the changing world order published on his LinkedIn page, Dalio finally turned to ground zero in what will be the conflict of the 21st century - class and power struggles - and mused if the U.S. is at a tipping point that could move it from what he says is "manageable" tension to a full-blown revolution.

"People and politicians are now at each other’s throats to a degree greater than at any time in my 71 years," Dalio wrote noting that disorder is rising in a number of countries. "How the U.S. handles its disorder will have profound implications for Americans, others around the world, and most economies and markets."

"It is in this stage when there are bad financial conditions and intensifying conflict," wrote Dalio. "Classically this stage comes after periods of great excesses in spending and debt and the widening of wealth and political gaps and before there are revolutions and civil wars. United States is at a tipping point in which it could go from manageable internal tension to revolution and/or civil war."

The founder of Bridgewater urged his readers to think about class issues that can become inflamed during stressful periods, as the struggle over wealth and power tends to be the “biggest thing affecting most people in most countries through time", Bloomberg recapped. 

"One timeless and universal truth that I saw went back as far as I studied history, since before Confucius around 500 BC, is that those societies that draw on the widest range of people and give them responsibilities based on their merits rather than privileges are the most sustainably successful because they find the best talent to do their jobs well, they have diversity of perspectives, and they are perceived as the most fair, which fosters social stability," Dalio wrote.

We doubt that the pervasive cancel cultures that permeates US society today, or the ubiquitous central planning by the Federal Reserve coupled with manipulated central markets to promote a socialist agenda and to allocated capital and talent as the government sees fit, in the process bypassing capitalism, will allow US society to every again claim to be fair or merit-based.”


Putting it like that, it is hard to see how civil war and be avoided. Already groups outside of the Dissent Right are proclaiming that the level of corruption is now so great that even a limited martial law needs to be imposed, least, the civil war prediction come true.

“In the event that legislators, the courts and Congress refuse to follow the Constitution, attorney Lin Wood is calling on President Donald Trump to invoke “limited martial law” for the purpose of holding a new election, otherwise the United States will dive headlong into another civil war.

press release explains that a full-page advertisement has been placed in the Washington Times explaining that a declaration of limited martial law would allow the U.S. military to “oversee a new free and fair federal election.”

“We wanted to express our concerns to the President, to the legislators, courts and Congress that We the People will NOT cede our exclusive Constitutional right to elect our Representatives to judges, lawyers, courts, Governors, Secretary’s (sic) of State, Congress, corrupt election officials and local politicians, the corrupt media – or Leftist threats of violence!” says Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party-affiliated We the People Convention (WTPC).

“It is OUR EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to elect our President and that sacred right has been infringed by the massive, planned, illegal election fraud conducted by corrupt Democrat/Socialist Party operatives across our nation to steal our vote. We will NOT stand for it,” Zawistowski, who also serves as Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, added in a statement.

The ad …includes a photo of both Abraham Lincoln and President Trump, along with an explanation about how Lincoln implemented “extraordinary executive actions” in his efforts “to save the Union during the Civil War.”

According to Zawistowski, the U.S. today is facing a similar set of circumstances that beckon Trump to take action in defense of our election integrity. Should Trump choose to do nothing, there will never again be a fair election in America, and the Republic will have officially died.

“Without full confidence that our courts or Congress will indeed follow the 12th Amendment of the Constitution and defend our electoral process, the ad calls upon President Trump, like Lincoln, to exercise the Extraordinary Powers of his office and declare limited Martial Law to temporarily suspend the Constitution and civilian control of these federal elections in order to have the military implement a national re-vote that reflects the true will of the people,” the press release explains.”

In real time, we are witnessing the collapse of a super-power, as a shadow group attempts to replace it, much as they are replacing us. Let us hope they fail and patriots can pull the country from the embers.





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Monday, 22 April 2024

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