Heart Attack or Sexual Assault? By Mrs Vera West

     It is one of the wages of feminism, that people are too scared of being hit by sexual assault charges that they do not perform CPR on women, thus letting them die. That makes sense.

“Women are less likely than men to receive life-saving CPR in a public place if they suffer a cardiac arrest, research suggests. Dutch scientists found 73 per cent of men who had public cardiac arrests received CPR from a bystander - but only 68 per cent of women did. Fears touching a woman's chest may be seen as sexual harassment may put people off from helping to restart their heart, scientists say. An expert commenting on the study also claimed that bystanders may be scared of hurting 'frail' women by performing CPR. The researchers warned people are less likely to realise the seriousness of a woman's condition and may be slower to realise they need help. This may lead to delays in calling the emergency services, hindering the survival chances of female patients. The British Heart Foundation said the finding that women were seven per cent less likely to get CPR from a member of the public was 'worrying'.”

     The cultural of fear created by feminism sadly means that such women who have a heart attack in public may die. Thanks feminism!



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Friday, 19 August 2022