Head Transplants; Imagine George Soros and Bill Gates Living for Hundreds of Years! By Brian Simpson

The following YouTube video is worth looking at, as it describes how with AI and robotics, a head transplant could be done. The idea is to get a brain-dead "donor" and to transplant the old person's head onto the body! A face transplant would also occur, maybe eyes as well. Hello Dr Frankenstein!

This is all at the development stage. However, while it is proposed that this surgery will treat people with multiple organ failure, we would not be too far wrong in seeing the main people to benefit from it to be the globalist financial elites with heaps of money. Such surgery will not be cheap, and Medicare will not be covering it! So, if it works, expect the likes of George Soros, and Bill Gates to be given a new lease of life. The video says that the human brain, in a healthy body would be good for hundreds of years, but that is news to me.



"BrainBridge, a US startup, claims to have developed the world's first AI-guided head transplant system, aiming to provide hope for patients with terminal illnesses. Using robotics and molecular-level imaging, the process aims to seamlessly transfer heads onto healthy donor bodies. Challenges include nerve and spinal cord repair, addressed through collaboration with specialists. While skeptics abound, BrainBridge remains resolute, led by Hashem Al-Ghaili's vision. The potential impact on healthcare is profound, pending successful realization of this groundbreaking concept.

In a groundbreaking announcement, BrainBridge, a US-based startup, has claimed to have developed the world's first artificial intelligence (AI) head transplant system. This pioneering technology is designed to perform head transplants with unprecedented precision, using advanced robotics and real-time molecular-level imaging." 



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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