He Who Lives Without Discipline Dies Without Honour By John Steele

     I have heard that saying, of my title, many years ago, but remembered it whilst reading:

     It is apparently an old Icelandic saying, but is relevant today, as it was in the time of the Vikings. And, don’t be nervous, that is a Christian site. The above article, while addressed to survival situations is relevant to much of modern life, because we are increasingly moving into that sort of situation with rising unemployment and crime.

     Discipline refers to the mental aspect of survival, the will to think and live, to overcome the odds, just as our ancestors did without the great material riches that we have. I particularly liked this talk about honour, which is very old school:

“Now, let’s get to another aspect of that Old Icelandic proverb– Honor. Upgrading to Discipline 2.0 means that you can change fundamental truths about who you are as a person. This leads you to acquiring wealth in the form of honor. Honor is a form of wealth we have lost touch with in the West. However, most people throughout history, and throughout the world outside of the West, have not.

Most cultures in most places have a strong foundational element of honor and shame as a form of social currency. Ours used to be this way, and much of the change we have experienced in recent generations is explained by our cultural abandonment of this form of currency. We have exchanged it for greenbacks and Euros, much to our cost, and much to our risk. To people who do not have Dollars or Euros, honor is a currency.”

     The idea that honour itself is a form of wealth requires detailed mediation, since the very concept of honour today, as a badge of manhood has been rejected by toxic feminism. It is a gateway to a return of embracing the warrior virtues as the ideal of manhood, honour, strength, courage:

     These are not perfect books, but they are a good start considering how far manhood has fallen, a central theme to Jorden Peterson’s work:



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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