Harvesting Your Organs By Mrs Vera West

     Gasp! Now even our organs are not safe!

“Australians will automatically have their organs donated after they die under a new proposal. The policy, which is being considered by MPs, assumes everyone is an organ donor unless they've filled out official documents to opt-out. The proposed changes would help to close in on the illegal trade of organ donation, the Sunday Telegraph reported. Australians who receive an illegal transplant overseas would be criminalised when they return to Australia, as recommended by federal MPs proposing changes to the laws. Doctors would also be required to report suspicions their patient accessed an illegal donation overseas. In 2016, the Sunday Telegraph reported almost 100 Australians travelled overseas to acquire an organ transplant on the black market. In some instances they paid up to $250,000 for a kidney transplant. The illegal trade of organ transplants is driven by a shortage of donations. A parliamentary inquiry wants Australia to consider implementing the opt-out system - in a bid to prevent illegal overseas trade.”

     Thus, the reasoning behind the organ grab proposal is to deal with overseas trade, not primarily to address an organ shortage here, although that is a secondary concern. Therefore, as this has been put in globalist terms, I intend to opt out when this proposal surfaces.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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