Hard Love: Dealing with the New “Stolen Generation” by Tom North

Former Keating government attorney-general Michael Lavarch, the architect of the Bringing Them Home Report (1995), has said that indigenous child removals is almost reaching 10 percent of all indigenous children and is set to create a new “Stolen Generation.” (The Australian, October 6, 2016, p. 8)

The Bringing Them Home Report claimed that the removal of mixed-blood children in the past constituted a form of “genocide”. High school children are taught, and university Arts/social science youths are indoctrinated, with the idea that this was a “racist” program, rather than an attempt to save children from harm. There were many articles in Quadrant over the years arguing that the “stolen generation” was the “saved generation,” and in general the courts found against applicants.
See: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/history-wars/2010/03/the-stolen-generations/.
Nevertheless, learning from history, child-welfare authorities probably should abandon addressing what they take to be the neglect and abuse of indigenous children because down the track this will be condemned as “racist.”
It is the elites who are saying that there is no problem here, only a lack of “cultural sensitivity,” so one may as well run with this and avoid another “Stolen Generation.” If this leads to disaster, let the guilt be upon them for once.



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