Happy New Year Sexual Assault By Mrs Vera West

     I watched to see if there was a repeat of the mass sexual assaults in Germany on New Years’ Eve, which is becoming something of a tradition:

“At least 13 cases of sexual assault were reported in Germany’s capital on New Year’s Eve -- despite the city’s creation of a “safety area” for women to celebrate the arrival of 2018 near Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate.
Police made seven arrests, according to Fox News and multiple German media reports, but no information was released about the suspects.
A local police spokeswoman told Fox News that police were still gathering information about the night’s reported crimes, but did not disclose more information about the detained people.
As midnight neared in Germany, Berlin police tweeted that they were receiving reports of sexual assaults, but warned that the force does not tolerate such crimes.”

     Not to worry though, German police are no longer commenting on the national or ethnic origin of the perpetrators, so it looks like the problem has been solved. The sheeple can relax, and continue to graze.  Baaaaaaaaaaaaa!
     Anyway, if one does speak up, the Deep State will smash you, because in the most severe restriction of free speech in human history, much worse than even the Inquisition, even stating “facts” can constitute “hate”:
     This cannot end well.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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