Guns are Racist? By John Steele

     Following the Florida shooting the National Rifle Association (NRA) came out strong in defence of guns. NRA chief Wayne LaPierre criticised the “European-style socialists” driving the gun banning agenda. Whoooah, it was even worse than Trump saying that certain teachers should be armed, for this was “racist,” the magic word stopping all debates:

     It is one thing to oppose gun ownership, but the strategy of making all criticism of the Left off bounds is going to build up festering resentment with people eventually saying: so what? Call me what you will. It is parallel to making every indiscretion in sexual matters, rape, when surely there are levels of wrongness. Thus, is it not true, that those pushing for gun control, generally come from a Left position? If we can’t say that then what can we say? Oh, we can’t say anything, but must die in silence.

     The great irony in all of this is Trump, no doubt wanting to be loved by those whose only thought is to bury him, is advancing fast down a gun control path, despite lip service to the idea of arming teachers:

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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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