Grooming Gangs: Britain’s Shame By Richard Miller (London)

Grooming gangs of migrants raped and prostituted largely white British children in numbers that have been estimated from hundreds to a million, since the 1980s. It is a shocking story as because of a fear of racism, the police who knew about this, let it happen. That is something which is historically unique, for usually a society tries to protect its children from rapists, so it shows how degenerate the UK is. Much of Western Europe is the same. This is all covered in the GB News documentary Grooming Gangs: Britain’s Shame, with interviews with survivors, whistle-blowers and activists. It is shocking viewing as it shows a nation suffering from moral rot.  Links follow below.

Here is what Ed West writes about the film, and its subject matter. West talks about how most of this was uncovered a decade or so ago, but virtually nobody in authority did anything even after the truth came out, and few people in institutional authority paid a price for their indifference to this evil visited upon innocent girls. Here's West:


All of which makes tonight’s long-awaited GB News documentary Grooming Gangs: Britain’s Shame, so necessary. Presented by journalist Charlie Peters, who travelled across the country speaking to victims, whistle-blowers and campaigners in Rotherham, Rochdale and Telford (where I met him last October), the documentary is both harrowing and frustrating in the sheer sense of powerlessness it projects. Repeatedly the authorities knew what was happening, were passed the details of the abusers and evidence, gave reassurances that something would be done and then… nothing. 

Although grooming gangs have been uncovered in 60 towns and cities, the case of Rotherham remains the most shocking, not just for the scale of the abuse but the institutional response. 

Here Norfolk was able to access a number of reports on the council’s handling of abuse, one written by solicitor Adele Weir. Sent by the Home Office to study child prostitution, Weir found an abuse ring centred around a man called Arshid Hussain, discovering 270 victims with no fewer than 18 naming Arshid as their supposed ‘boyfriend’.

The police failed to act — even though the rapists involved were also dealing drugs.

West details some of the things Charlie Peters was able to expose in the film. More:

It gets more and more bleak. A girl called Emily in Telford tells how she was raped a thousand times. In this midlands new town built in the optimistic post-war era, children were sold for sex in a house, where local men would visit and note their names on a piece of paper; what the documentary makers describe as a ‘paedophile honesty box’. The girls were frightened because of what happened to Lucy Lowe, a 15-year-old girl who had been burned to death with her mother, sister, and unborn child — murdered by an abuser.

In Telford a group of teachers complained that ‘there was a problem in this authority with Pakistani youths’ abusing girls; a council worker accused them of being racist.  One council worker failed to share reports because it was fearful it would ‘start a race riot’. 

Watching this, the inability of people to weigh up the seriousness of different social evils, I wonder to what extent this scandal was made worse by the Macpherson Report of 1999, and the terror public servants had of being accused of racism, or their department being accused of ‘institutional racism’. That is a career ending allegation in Britain, while in contrast allowing your town to become the scene of the worst mass rape in British history seems to make little dent.

The bitter aftertaste to this story comes from the fact that, after lengthy reports criticising councils and police forces, very few people have been disciplined; a handful of police were told off, but most of the people who knew about it have happily progressed in their careers — including one who, incredibly, now thrives in the equality and diversity industry. The Labour Party, the soul of which feels tarnished by the terrible moral compromises it has made with multiculturalism, even tried to make one of the Rotherham councillors an MP until GB News forced him to stand down. Fresh revelations about the council have emerged just in the past few days.






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