Google Images has Eliminated Whites By Tom North

     I got an email about a new game which one can play with Google Images, called, “where is  whitey?” Type in anything involving White/ European people that is not negative, and up comes a majority of Black people. Try “white inventors,” “American inventors,” “white American mathematicians,” “historic Europeans,” and anything you like. Then type in “white women with their boyfriends,” “white couples,” and you will see a majority of couples of mixed race.

     I found “white couples,” the most revealing, indicating that some computer care has been put into carefully cooking the books. But wait! What happens when you type in “evil white racists”! Whoaaah, that looks like the Donald Trump page! This shows the great dangers of monopolies, and especially one’s controlled by those with a globalist politically correct agenda, and an arguable bias against white conservatives: 



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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