Good Hearted, Wishful Thinking By Chris Knight

     I hope that I am wrong about this, but Mike Adams, who produces some top gear material, seems to be overly optimistic in my opinion, in claiming that Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed,” using the military to dispense Covid-19 Vaccines, is really a cover so he can kick into place the Insurrection Act. Sure, but that does not explain all the rest such as the increased surveillance by balloons, that Trump has done nothing, when he could about the Robert Mueller conspiracy, let alone Hillary Clinton, so why should someone lazy, sleepy, and a coward, but still preferable to Biden, do anything once re-elected?

“Trump’s plan to defend America and take down her domestic enemies is now becoming increasingly clear, and one new bombshell conclusion in all this concerns Trump’s vow to use the US military to deploy vaccines nationwide before the election on Nov. 3rd. We now believe, for reasons outlined here, that the “military deployment” of vaccines is a cover story. Trump is using the vaccine issue to place military units in position all across the nation to prepare for a post-election invocation of the Insurrection Act which would activate the military to confront and arrest or eliminate domestic terrorists across the country. In other words, Trump isn’t really leaping in with the vaccine industry as much as we once feared. “Operation Warp Speed” isn’t really a vaccine operation but rather a national security operation that will put US troops on the streets of every American city in an effort to restore the rule of law, arrest treasonous actors (including mayors and governors) and put down left-wing terrorists.     All I can say here is at best, this is naïve, a faith in Trump that the evidence does not support, but I guess at this desperate time it is necessary to give some hope, even if false, to the punters. What is more likely though:

     Civil war conditions are all met in the US, as argued here:

     Certainly there is emerging agreement that the ignition point is going to be the  night of the US election, where whoever gets elected, violence will occur.

“A former CIA ops officer who spent decades undercover in the Middle East and South Asia warns that “violence will explode” if Trump wins re-election and will probably continue anyway even if Biden wins. In an op-ed for Revolver News, Sam Faddis characterizes the recent riots, described as “mostly peaceful” by the media, as nothing less than an “insurrection.” Faddis says that the rioters are not merely unorganized mobs, but a “manifestation of years of preparation, organization, and sponsorship from a vast network of foundations and front organizations,” including George Soros’s Open Society. Faddis points out that the rioters have openly stated their goal, the “abolition of the United States as we know it and its replacement with a Marxist state.” The former CIA officer predicts another wave of violence if Trump wins re-election, but also warns that the unrest will continue even if Biden wins because the revolutionaries will seek to take full control of his administration. “That is why it is profoundly delusional to believe the riots of the past three months will end with the November election. They will not,” writes Faddis. “Should President Trump win, his victory will immediately be declared invalid and illegitimate by the mob, and the level of violence will explode. If Biden wins, the people and groups tearing this nation apart will consider him their puppet and will accelerate their efforts at revolution. If Biden proves unwilling or unable to accommodate them, he will suffer the same fate as Portland mayor Ted Wheeler, who endures antifa harassment of his home as the price of failing to submit.” “This is not about reform. It is about revolution, and revolutions don’t care about elections,” he concludes. As we previously highlighted, earlier this month a pro-Biden polling firm announced that the results on election night could show Trump winning in a landslide, but that after all the mail-in votes were counted, Biden would be victorious with room to spare. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also said that Americans must get used to the idea that the election result may take “weeks” to be confirmed after voting on November 3 and that “civil unrest” is likely. Trump supporters see this as clear intention that Democrats will refuse to honor the election result if the president wins.”

     As usual, the forces of Darkness are telegraphing their intentions, and if Trump has any neurons left, he needs to start challenging the electoral fraud that has already been uncovered, not leave it to the last moment. The shooting has already started:



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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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